A Preamble


I mentioned last week that I had the joy of the slavery talk with Noah over the course of two history lessons (0ne on Harriet Tubman, one on Abraham Lincoln). I considered, at that point, going into further detail about my feelings on race as a white mother of a biracial child. Given all of the other things I was dealing with on the adoption issues front, I decided not to tackle it.

Then, today, I watched this on Momversation.

OK, the video itself wasn’t what riled me up, so much. My feeling is that, if you have two schools that are equally strong in the education department, but one is more racially diverse, there is nothing wrong with making diversity a consideration.

The first couple of comments on the video, though? From people who were saying that they would actually put diversity a bit ABOVE education on the list of priorities.


As I pointed out in my comments over there, since having kids I have lived in two different school districts with large minority populations. I wouldn’t send my kids to either of them. And one of them was the school district I grew up in, for Pete’s sake.

Of course, I felt compelled to read the text of the speech by Attorney General Eric Holder that sparked the discussion in the first place.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Even with the TV blaring and kids yelling in the background, the English major in me couldn’t help but go into all-out deconstruction mode. Aside from being completely inane, Mr. Holder’s comments contradict themselves left and right. By the time I talked to Sean on the phone about it, I was speaking at approximately light speed (which, as anyone who knows me is aware, is what happens when I’m REALLY WORKED UP).

So, here’s the deal. I’m going to talk about it. There is no way that it will all go into one post—there are just too many subtopics to hit. Despite what Mr. Holder may think, I’m not a coward when it comes to talking about race. I’m warning you now, if you don’t like discussions on race that don’t fall squarely into the politically correct camp, you may just want to avoid reading what I have to say.

Be prepared to find out what I think about race, education, the importance of birth culture, Black History Month, slavery, and why it drives me crazy that everyone refers to Barack Obama as simply “black.”

I’m prepared for a workout from the stones that may be thrown at me. After all, pregnant girls are supposed to exercise, too.



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6 responses to “A Preamble

  1. Okay, I just don’t have the . . . desire to wade through Mr. Holder’s clap-trap, but I skimmed some. Does he really think the civil rights movement of the 60’s predates feminism? Susan B. Anthony, Virginia Wolfe, and many, many others might disagree.

  2. Christina

    I’m just catching up on your last 5 posts… your boys are funny!! (The haircut story was so funny I had to share it with my husband. Can you imagine if he’d had that conversation with some random stylist at a hair cut place?!)

    Anyway… I’m looking forward to your views on racism, especially as the mom of a biracial child.

    And Eric Holder is a moron. A race-baiting ignorant moron. But at least he paid his taxes, right?

  3. Ooh! I can’t wait! Gimme more!

  4. Nicole

    Bring it on! I love reading your posts… especially the controversial ones! 😉

  5. You go girl! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 🙂 And Christine is right…Eric Holder is a moron.

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