Week 20, or Maybe Not

So, what is there to say about this week that I didn’t already say a few days ago?

Hmmm…I suppose I could start with the fact that I’m still not entirely sure exactly how far along I am. I mean, sure, it’s all academic anyhow. Like I ever have my babies by the due date. Still, sometimes the little details annoy me.

When I had the car crash, they did an ultrasound. It was quick and focused on making sure the baby was ok. They told me that I was “approximately” ten weeks. So, I have gone from that day as the ten week mark. I was given a due date of August 3rd based on that. This ultrasound, though, put my due date at July 30th. So, I may actually be closer to 21 weeks. Or not. I like the idea of maybe being a few days closer to her birth than I thought (ok, so it’s not a big deal now, but OH MY GOSH I will be clinging to those five days when the end of July/beginning of August rolls around).

Of course, no one is actually going to officially change my due date. Not even here. But, you can bet I’ll be clinging to the hope that she might just come a few days earlier than I had expected.

The other thing that I found out at my appointment this week? I managed to gain SEVEN pounds this month. Oh. My. Gosh. I am absolutely blaming it on the birthdays that we have had around here in the past month. Not that two birthday parties are enough to do that. But, several days of leftover cake, followed by regular consumption of graham crackers with icing on them that was leftover from decorating those cakes? Um, yeah. That might have something to do with it.

twenty weeks

I swear, I don’t look that big to myself in real life. Every time I do a picture, I look at it and go, “Whoa, how the heck did that happen???” Seriously, forget about the camera adding ten pounds. It’s added a whole freakin’ watermelon in there.

Of course, now that I know there’s a little girl in there, I have more than sugar to satisfy my cravings:


This is one of the fabrics that I got yesterday to make a baby blanket out of. My mother still has the other (a fuzzy pink fabric with swirls that look almost like rose buds), since we got a piece big enough for my blanket and something that she wants to make for someone she knows who just had a baby.

So, what do you think? Girly enough?

I’m thinking that I’ll have my mom teach me how to put a ruffle around it. I’ve never needed to know how to do that before. Things may start looking very feminine around here soon.

Trust me, this could be dangerous. Goodness knows the damage I could do in a shoe store alone.


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  1. Pretty blanket! Ruffles are definitely a MUST for a baby girl! 🙂

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