Make Lemonade

I’ve had a hard time making myself sit down to write the past couple of days. Not for lack of things to write about, certainly (at the very least, I still have one more post to do about Eric Holder’s speech last month that may be the most important point that I have to make). If anything, I’ve had too much that I have wanted to say. And the niggling little aggravations of life have left me in no real mood to say it.

Of course, I finally solved one of those aggravations last night. I have, for a while now, been planning on making changes to my blog. A complete overhaul, actually, including a new name (I am rather sick of the almost daily hits I get off of the search term, “pictures of b.0y$ n.ut$”—lovely, huh?).  Never to be one to go the simple route, I decided I wanted to play with CMS, which I know absolutely NOTHING about. Forget about being in over my head. This is like dropping a person who can’t swim in the middle of the Mississippi with defective water wings.

I got web hosting. I figured out that the company that I picked sucked for the CMS platforms I was looking at. I switched to a different host company, who had automatic installs for the two platforms I was interested in (Drupal and Joomla!). I went through the simple install. It didn’t work. I talked to two different customer service people and submitted an email ticket over the course of the past week. Different fixes and the same problem persisted.

Last night, I called the host company again and explained my whole exasperating journey thus far to just get the stinking software installed so I could maybe try to figure it out. She put me on hold, then came back and said she had a couple of things to try before sending it on to the more advanced tech people. Fair enough.

She asked if I was only using letters and numbers in my password. I said “yes.”

“No special characters like exclamation points or periods?” she wanted to know.

Um, since those aren’t letters or numbers, my answer was still “yes.”

Next, she asked me what web browser I am using. I have the most current version of Explorer so it’s not like I’ve got anything funky or out of date. Nevertheless, she asked if I would be willing to try downloading a different browser. Even though it seemed completely inane, I agreed to do it so I could get my issue passed on to the true techie geeks.

I’m now using Firefox.

And tonight, after I pick up the copy of Joomla! for Dummies that I am buying with some late-sent birthday money (yes, I have officially crossed the line into total geekdom), I will sit down in front of my easily installed CMS and try to make some sense of what I have in front of me.

It may still be quite some time before my blog moves elsewhere.

Still, I wish that all of the aggravations in my life could be solved that quickly.

So, anyhow, all of this to say that I have maybe felt a little bit hypocritical about touting my “Lemonade” award so nicely bestowed on me by Tami since I’ve felt a little less like making lemonade than like shooting juice in people’s eyes.


But, honestly, I am grateful. I am especially grateful for her calling me “real.” That was one of my biggest hurdles before deciding to start a blog. I was already aware of just how easy it is for people to create their own little realities from behind the safety of a keyboard, and I never wanted to do that. I hope that I have succeeded. I hope that, when the people who know me in real life read this blog, they see me as “real,” too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

And now, the bloggers I would like to pass it on to:

  1. Nicole at Hudson Haven Happenings. I have known Nicole since shortly before she and I each had our second children. This pregnancy is the first one since then that we haven’t gone through together (unless she’s holding out on me 😉 ).  Nicole has an amazing ability to see the positive in life, and is really an example to me.
  2. Mommo and Daddo (aka: Cindy and Louis) at Them Floyds. Again, I’ve known them for a long time. I love reading their stories about their kids. It goes back to that “real” thing. They are such awesome people—it does my heart good to see that their kids are prone to occasional wackiness, too.
  3. Julie at Rarely Home Mom. One of the coolest things about blogging is finding other people with lives like yours. I found Julie shortly after I started my blog and couldn’t help but stick around. After all, she’s also adopted one child transracially, has biological children, and has the same weird attraction to The Real Housewives as I do (don’t think less of me…).
  4. James and Cari. I’m not going to go into the specifics here. I’ll just say that, after how traumatic the car accident this January was for me, my respect for them borders on absolute awe. They are incredible people.
  5. My mom. Because I think she deserves some recognition for her stubborn insistence throughout my life that we try to always be positive about certain things. Even when we don’t feel like it.

And now I feel guilty, since there are so many more of you that I could gush about. I hope it is some sort of reflection on me (maybe, if I’m lucky) that I have so many people in my life (and on my blog reader) who see the lemons in life and make lemonade. I appreciate you all. Really, I do.



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4 responses to “Make Lemonade

  1. Great job on making lemonade, Katie! 🙂

  2. Nancy

    Thanks, Katie, even if my link doesn’t work. I will just go ahead and assume I am still your only Mom.

  3. Stupid mistake on my part. The link works now.

  4. Nicole

    Thanks! I was surprised what you said about me, because you’re really an example to me!

    I absolutely agree with your nominator… you are so real, witty, and you’re an amazing writer. And no, thankfully, I’m not holding out on you! You know I would totally tell you if I was, so we could commiserate together!

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