All By Myseeeeeellllllffffff…

Living near a military  base, I have a lot of friends whose husbands go TDY or are even deployed. I have the utmost respect for them. I honestly don’t understand how they do it.

Me? My husband is gone for one night, and I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack.

Of course, it doesn’t help that today/tomorrow is the second time in just under a week that he has gone and left me.

His trip this past Friday/Saturday had been planned for quite awhile. One of his cousins had been training for a long time to be in a mixed martial arts tournament. Dave has always been a tough guy but, for the past year or so with all of the training, he had turned into the kind of guy that was truly intimidating. We’re talking bulging muscles. There was no way that Sean was going to miss seeing him fight (he dominated for two rounds before the doctor stopped it because Dave’s eyes was swelling, which really ticked him off since it wasn’t so much a bad injury as the doctor not being able to tell how much was from being hit, and how much was based on the fact that that half of Dave’s face stopped growing when he was a kid—he could have gone on just fine).

Since my mom’s birthday party was on Saturday, the kids and I stayed home. With family in town for the party, we had plenty of diversion and we did just fine.

The trip Sean just left on, though, was a bit more sudden. As in, he was informed Monday that they wanted him to do a business trip tonight/tomorrow. Blech. He left for the airport shortly before the kids went to bed, and he won’t get home until after bedtime tomorrow.

I hate being alone. Not just because it stresses me out having to take care of the kids without a break. It is the evenings, too. I have a horrible time sleeping when he is gone. I usually end up staying awake way too late, then am tired an grumpy the next day with no one to give me a break.

Oh, and to add to the fun, right before Sean had to leave, water started coming through the ceiling in the basement. Best we can tell, someone put too many flushable wipes in the toilet at once and thoroughly clogged the drain. Lucky me—I get to spend the next day reminding the kids not to use their bathroom because it is broken.

Thank heavens Sean’s grandmother is coming over to hang out tomorrow morning. That will do wonders for my sanity since she will distract the kids and help me get stuff done.

Now, if I just had someone to spend the night tonight…



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4 responses to “All By Myseeeeeellllllffffff…

  1. If you lived closer, I’d volunteer. I just finished a three night stint by myself too. I actually kind of enjoyed it for a change. I think it was because Shad took most of the kids with him. It wasn’t such a big deal to stay up late, because I was able to sleep in a bit. Hope you’re able to get the rest you need tonight. :>)

  2. Nancy

    Umm, I’m next door and offered to do school with Noah tomorrow. Not to mention your dad took tomorrow off and will probably work on your plumbing problem for you at some point (he has PLANS to get work done around here tomorrow though).

    Good luck making it through tonight, though. My bed calls.

  3. Jana

    I’m with you on the not sleeping well at night with a husband gone. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice for you. Sorry.

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