Can You Blame Me for Being Neurotic?

Today was a beautiful day. Gorgeous. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and only the slightest breeze could be felt.

Apparently, however, the slightest breeze was all it took today:


Ironically, it was only about five minutes before this came down that my mother was standing in approximately this exact location, picking up sticks and looking around to see which trees were dying.

I think we have a candidate here.

Of course, this is the most disturbing part for me:IMG_2018

Notice how close it fell to the kids’ swing set? The one that my boys play on ALL THE TIME? This is not the first time that a huge branch has come down close to where my kids had just been playing.  Last year, a branch the size of a tree landed on the picnic table about fifteen minutes after the kids had been sitting at it. There was no wind that day, either.

On windy days, they aren’t allowed to play anywhere near the woods.


So, the saga of She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named continues.

What the heck has happened over the past couple of years that Sean and I are suddenly so far on the opposite ends of the baby girl naming spectrum?

I like names that are unique.

He likes names that are traditional.

I like names with spunk.

He likes names that are ultra-girly.

He told me that he likes names that end with the long A sound.

I suggested a few.

He told me that, with long A names, there is a fine line between beautiful and ghet-to.

I suggested not trying to walk that line, then.

Today, I went through the L’s in the baby name book. He turned his nose up at Linley. He said that naming her Lisette would doom her to a lifetime of being called “Lizard” (just like his Grandma Mary—don’t ask). He couldn’t imagine yelling “Lorelei” out the back door when playtime was over, although it might be ok if there was an N at the end (WTH???).

And I pound my head against the cursed book of 100,000 Baby Names—none of which we seem to be able to agree on.

In the end, I take solace in the fact that, when the time comes, I’ll be the one answering the hospital phone and telling the vital statistics employee what to put on the birth certificate. Let’s hope there is a peaceful resolution to this battle before then. Otherwise, you just may witness a coup.



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10 responses to “Can You Blame Me for Being Neurotic?

  1. I like girl names that end in “a”: Anna, Kristina…you get the idea. Good luck in choosing! Jill is a lovely name, too, although no “a” the end. 😉

  2. Scary trees! Glad no one got hurt.

    You may be the one putting the name of the birth certificate, but beware of the blessing day switch-a-roo…

    I had a friend who knew a couple that had a baby and agreed on a name. Then when they blessed the baby at church, the husband gave her a completely different name – his ex-girlfriend’s!

  3. Scary about the tree.
    I’m going to offer a suggestion…please feel free to take it, leave it or tell me to butt out! ;>)
    As I have told you before, Shad and I have the EXACT. SAME. PROBLEM. Its nuts. We can’t agree on any name at all! He is the one who goes for weird names…I’m more traditional. When it came to naming Alek we were stumped. We realized we were never going to come to a decision without some SERIOUS intervention. So…
    We each went through the 10,000 baby name book and came up with our Top 20 list. We didn’t look at each other’s list. We just perused at our own pace and let the other know when we were done. Then…
    We sat down one evening, prepared to battle it out.
    There were three rules…
    1) No begging and pleading.
    2) The final decision was final. There was no going back unless there were mitigating circumstances – if we discovered a mass murderer had the same name.
    3) No making fun of the other person’s choices (that was REALLY hard! 🙂
    Then we started.
    We each got the other person’s list and took turns taking a name off their list. Eventually we resorted to ‘I’ll take this name off, if you’ll take this one off.’
    In the end we had three names left for Alek…and together we narrowed it down to the one we picked. (Aleksandr is his middle name.)
    So there you have it…the ShadandTami-naming-convention. Its worked that way for all four kids – we’re weird that way! 🙂

  4. Nancy

    Glad I got tired of picking up sticks when I did!

    I’m with Sean on the girly names, and traditional names. Linley? Sounds like fuzz in the dryer filter.

    I know, I know – my vote doesn’t count.

  5. Hope? That would have been my second daughter, if I’d had one.
    Pearl? Garnet? Opal? My grandmother, mother and her sister.
    Feel free to use any of the above! LOL

  6. Lilola,

    Definitely no stone names. When I met him, he was dating a girl (a friend of mine) who came from a family of stone names (Amber, Garnet, I don’t remember the others…). No ex-girlfriend name associations. For that matter, Jill, Christina is a name he suggested, but that has an ex-girlfriend association, too. Which brings me to…


    Oh. My. Gosh. That would be grounds for divorce in my book! Church records or not, I would absolutely refuse to use the name. Period.


    I think part of what is frustrating me so much in this process is that he hasn’t picked that darn name book up once. He’s just letting me do all of the leg work, then vetoing my suggestions. Grrrr…

    And Mom,

    No, you don’t get a vote. Especially when it comes with such a complete lack of tact. And when you’re encouraging people to tell me that the names I like sound like diseases.

  7. Christina

    Ohmygoodness that is one serious branch! That would have freaked me out too. I’m thinking it’s time for that there tree to come down – with a saw, preferably!

    I love the name Lorelei … I’m guessing there are many many Gilmore Girl fans in love with that name now. But really, how cute would it be to have your own Rory?!!

    • Gilmore Girls! For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of that show and it was driving me crazy. I was never an avid fan, but I always enjoyed it when I actually did watch. That was definitely the first thing I thought of when I saw that name, though–that people would instantly assume I had been a huge fan. I really do love the name, but Sean has given it a definite thumbs down.

  8. M.

    The problem here seems to be that your book is rather incomplete and without focus…

    Someone should actually take it one step further and author a book titled:

    “10,000 Realistic Names that You and Your Spouse could Reasonably Agree On (All Stone, Ex-Girl/Boyfriend, or Mass Murderer Names Omitted)”

    Please follow these links to put the names you each like in better perspective…

  9. Cindy

    When we were expecting our first I had the same problem. Louis was great at shooting down any and all names I likes but would not open the book to look for any himself. Finally I told him to go through the book and tell me the names he liked. He started making fun of all the names he could find. I had to lay down the law and he was only allowed to mention a name if it was one he would really consider. Erin was the first and only one he liked. Good thing I liked it too.

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