Twenty-Three Weeks: It Begins

I think that I have mentioned once or twice before that my personality can sometimes tend towards the, um, obsessive side of the spectrum. Just a little. Sometimes. Or frequently. You pick.

So, a couple of weeks ago I talked about the little gold baby bracelet that I wished I had bought before I knew that I was pregnant. What I didn’t mention was that, a few days later, I made a quick trip into Kohl’s for no other reason than to see if they still carried the bracelet. Because, you know, I just couldn’t let it go. They still had it.

I didn’t buy it, though, because it wasn’t on sale. And, dang it, once I see it for $15, there is no way I’m going to pay $40. I basically told the nice woman behind the jewelry counter as much. She informed me that they were going to be having a BIG SALE this week that would, most likely, drastically effect the price of jewelry. But I didn’t hear that from her. Oh, and that I’d get an even better discount if I used their charge card. Which I don’t have. But my mom does…

So, Friday evening, Mom and I went for a little Big Sale girls’ time:


Mission Accomplished


Of course, we had to see what else they had. Baby girl clothes (on sale!) are soooo dangerous:


I absolutely love the pink and brown combination



Butt ruffles! You just can’t do butt ruffles when you have little boys.



What you don’t see are the adorable little bloomers to go with the dress.
Too cute!


By the time we left, I found myself insisting to my mom that, really, I had only wanted her discount—I wasn’t asking her to buy stuff for me. But it turns out that she was pretty into the baby shopping, too. Thanks, Mom!


So, I know that your week just won’t be complete without a baby naming update (ha!).  Well, after finally getting him to sit down and make a list of about twenty names that he likes, can I just say that:

My husband is so full of crap.

What has brought me to this conclusion? Hmmm…Let’s see…

First, he tells me that Lorelei is out because he couldn’t imagine yelling that out the back door.

Then, he puts Cosette on his list.

He tells me that he is into names that are traditional and ultra-feminine.

Then, he writes down Dakota, Reagan, Bailey, Riley, Taylor, and Peyton.

See??? Totally full of crap.

And, can I just say, Peyton??? I mean, yes, I do think that it is a cute name. But, hello? We already have a son named Eli! Naming our daughter Peyton would just be so wrong! People would assume that we are the crazy football nut family. And, honestly folks, I don’t even know what teams the Manning brothers play on.

You have to think about these things.

So, at this point, we have a four-name “short list”: Adelaide, Audra, Gwyneth, and Angelina. (And I’m not saying which one, but there is one there that I would actively fight against, so we’re closer to a three-name short list.)

Technically, there are two front-runners . Naturally, I lean more towards one, and Sean leans more towards the other. But at least we’ve found some common ground.


Full Bloom

Unlike the flowers, I am (sadly) nowhere even close to being in full bloom.



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5 responses to “Twenty-Three Weeks: It Begins

  1. I like Gwyneth and Angelina. 🙂

  2. I’m with Jill, although if you name her Adelaide, you could call her Addie…which is just one letter short of Maddie, which of course, I love, but couldn’t get Shad to agree to! (How’s that for a run-on sentence! 🙂
    LOVE the clothes and the bracelet. I adore shopping for baby clothes of either gender. Both of my girls have tons of brown and pink…absolutely adorable together. :>)

  3. Such cute girly baby clothes!!! Gotta love the butt ruffles! 😉

  4. I had to laugh, I get teased often about my love of pink and brown for Delaney and I have that very same combo you pictured. Love the Carter’s. For the names – again, had to laugh, because Peyton had been one of my top girl choices for years and years. But Delaney was born right as the final games of the playoffs and such were happening last year, and yep, Peyton Manning was in the mix, and I just knew it’d be too much. So off the list it went.

    I love Adelaide out of the names you listed – think it’s very pretty and definitely my favorite of your choices.

  5. regan

    Definitely not Reagan, I’ve lived with it for 50 years and hated every minute!

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