Everybody Has a Price

I have mentioned, off and on over the past months, my struggle to potty train Caleb. At just over three years old, he is officially the latest of my children to potty train. I have tried praise. I have tried candy. I have tried Build-a-Bear. The past week, I have been reverting to the “mean mommy” approach that finally worked with Noah (taking away things he’s used to and loves—like all beverages other than water—if he refuses to use the potty). Improvement has been marginal, at best.

Yesterday, we ended up spending the evening with my little brother and his family. Drew and his wife have just started working on potty training their two year old daughter.  They decided to motivate her by giving her Blow Pops as a reward for peeing in the potty. Every. Single. Time.

There are random suckers floating all around their house. My sister-in-law confided that she enjoys getting to “clean them up” (apparently, a love of Blow Pops is a trait she and her daughter share). My brother just laughs that his daughter will be diabetic by the time she’s three.

But it’s working for them. She’s telling them when she needs to go potty.

And the really crazy thing? It was apparently working for Caleb, too. This morning, he told me that he was going to use the potty all day, and then I would give him a sucker (I’m impressed—barely three years old and already smart enough to know that there was no way he would finagle a sucker for each individual success).  I told him that that sounded like a fair deal and that, if he could go without any accidents until my doctor’s appointment this afternoon, I would buy him a sucker on the way home.

He spent the whole morning running up the stairs yelling, “Gotta go! I can’t have an accident!” any time the urge hit. And he stayed dry.

On my way home from the doctor’s office, I stopped at a gas station to pick up a sucker. Much to my delight, I found one shaped like a pacifier (shhhh…don’t tell that I still let him have one at bedtime—the kid is so good at melting my heart). I wish you could have seen his face when I gave it to him. Mouth open. Eyes wide. Then, a HUGE grin. To him, it was the coolest thing EVER (and I got major mommy brownie points). Even after it was gone, he stayed dry the rest of the evening.

He has informed us that, tomorrow, he wants Twizzlers.

I can live with that. And, if he stays dry the next day, I will follow through on my promise of an elephant from Build-a-Bear.

But the day after that? So sorry kid, it just becomes an expectation.


As I already mentioned, I did have a doctor’s appointment today. I also had my follow up ultrasound.

She is still a girl (yes, the tech double checked after I told her that we already have four boys).

Better yet, she appears to be a normal, healthy girl.

The echogenic spot is still on the heart, but that was no surprise. They told me last month that it wouldn’t go away (and that it doesn’t indicated any type of problem or defect). Her bowels, though, looked completely normal. And that is what I had been praying for. No echogenic bowel=no reason to assume that there is an increased risk for Down Syndrome. Her growth is right on target, too. This time, no doctors came in wanting to explain statistics or encourage me to get an amnio. I was told that the doctor was satisfied with what he saw and that no further tests or ultrasounds were recommended.


Of course I know that there are no guarantees that everything is perfect and normal. There never are.  But everything looks as perfect and normal as I could ask for with the technology available.

I’m satisfied with that. And very, very grateful.



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3 responses to “Everybody Has a Price

  1. YEA! What a relief that must be!
    And STILL a girl! YEA! ;>)
    When Alek was potty training – at yes, 3 (all of my kids were over the age of three…I’m a REALLY BAD POTTY TRAINER!)…his price was M&Ms. Anya was Skittles, Nick was Dum Dums and Maddie, well Maddie was pretty well trained when we brought her home, but we used whatever candy was available. I think it was leftover Halloween candy. The youngest always gets the short end of the stick.

  2. Yay, for healthy baby girls!

    Roo gets through the day with maybe only one pullup, and that’s most often due to poop. This week we started a sticker chart of when you get 10 stickers for pooping 10 times you get a Leapster.

    Since yesterday we are three stickers/poops in!

    I DARE someone to judge us for bribery!

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