If Life Were a Musical, We’d Sing About Fat Fingers

Sometimes, people, the contents of my subconscious completely defy explanation.

As the sounds of children getting out of bed started to fill my house this morning, I awoke from a rather vivid dream. I was at the house of one of my IRL bloggy friends.

Her husband was explaining some of his feelings about fatherhood—in a show tune.

Specifically, he was dancing around the house, looking mildly like someone out of West Side Story, singing about how he didn’t want his daughter’s toys overtaking the “man space” in the garage. This, he explained melodically, was because his fingers were to big to remove small toys from narrow spaces.

Yes, people, I’m a total whack job.

When Sean came out of the bedroom, I told him about the dream.

He didn’t exactly react as I might have expected.

He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah, I could see him doing that.”



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2 responses to “If Life Were a Musical, We’d Sing About Fat Fingers

  1. Nicole

    So you’ve been dreaming about my hubby, huh? j/k! That’s so hilarious… and totally bizarre! I’ll have to tell him about it. 😉

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