He Pees Like a Super Hero

So, you know how I mentioned that Caleb suddenly got inspired by suckers and went a whole day without an accident in order to earn one last week? Well, the next day, he insisted on earning another sucker. And the day after that? We ended up going to Build-a-Bear for the long promised “Three dry days” elephant.


How appropriate is it that his “independence” was symbolized with an elephant?


People, it has now been almost a whole week and he hasn’t had a single accident. The kid is even waking up dry in the morning.

I am elated. And, honestly, a bit annoyed.

Let’s face it, any kid that can go from consistently peeing in his pants every time to NEVER peeing his pants with the flip of a switch has obviously had the control to do it for quite some time now. He just didn’t want to.

How the heck did two mild, compliant people like Sean and I get such a stubborn kid?

Oh, yeah. That’s right. We’re not.

Whatever. At least he’s doing it in the toilet now. Or, at least, he usually is. He has already decided that trees are much more convenient than trudging up the hill when he’s playing outside. As long as he doesn’t start running out the back door and DOWN the hill when the urge hits, well, I can live with it. After all, our back yard is pretty secluded—it isn’t like the neighbors are going to actually SEE him watering the plants.

This morning, however, he decided on a new method that I don’t think I will be living with.

As I was drying my hair today, Caleb came running into the bathroom proclaiming that he needed to pee. Off came the pants. Up went the toilet seat.


The kid stood, facing the toilet, on the edge of the bowl, grasping the edge near the back with his hands. He performed the entire bladder emptying in that position. Not at all missing the appearance of what he had just done, he grinned at me and said, “Mommy, I stood like a spider!”

And honestly, folks? That is just what he looked like.



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6 responses to “He Pees Like a Super Hero

  1. I wonder how long it will be before Keith does similar boyish things. ha ha.

  2. THAT is funny! 🙂 One boy watering the trees story deserves another. Nick has ‘watered’ our trees not once, twice or three times. He’s done it FOUR times that I know of. Now while it may not be a big deal out in the country…it’s IS a big in the middle of town, on a busy street…on a corner lot…by a four way stop.
    I finally had to take some serious action when he stopped long enough to turn and wave at a car full of teens driving by.
    AUGH. Boys!

    • Yeah, Tami, that would definitely make a difference. I know that my older boys do it, too, although they have gotten better. I cracked down on it awhile back when I realized that one of them was occasionally doing, um, more than peeing out there. Lines had to be drawn in a big way to end that!

  3. At this point, I wouldn’t care if Woob stood on his head if he actually started going in to pee upon his own initiative and without a fight. I’m so tired of buying pullups and changing poopy ones! (how old is Caleb?)

    • Caleb just turned three a couple of weeks ago. I know that technically means he is doing pretty well but, dang it, his brothers both potty trained a few months before they turned three, so this has just really felt like a long-fought battle with him. Of course, I’ve known people who were still battling their kids (it always seems to be boys…) when they were four and five, so I guess I shouldn’t complain!

  4. That is hilarious. It took me two viewings to get the double entendre of the title. Nicely done, my writing friend.

    Given how much my Jonah loves Spiderman, I have to wonder if similar acrobatics are in store at our house…?

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