Still Alive and Waddling (Kicking Requires Too Much Effort)

It has, at this point, been a little over two weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. I’m sure that you have all come to the natural conclusion that I had contracted the swine flu and, subsequently, died. It would stand to reason.

I am, however, still alive and growing freakishly large. My absence hasn’t been because of any rare flu virus (even though, as Sean pointed out in a concerned tone one evening, there are a lot of Mexicans in our town—since they obviously all just moved here in the past few weeks), but because of the obligatory ear infection that I get with every pregnancy. Which is obnoxious because I never had a single ear infection in my life before I started having kids. But now? Every.  Single. Pregnancy. And this one was the worst by far. Usually, after a day of prescription medication (over the counter stuff doesn’t even begin to touch it), I am feeling significantly better. This time? I started the medication last Monday morning and didn’t manage to completely wean off of the pain medication until Friday. Miserable.

And since I got better? I have been going through first trimester-ish exhaustion. You know, the kind of tired where you pass out in the recliner in front of the TV and never manage to wash off your makeup or brush your teeth. Yum. Much more of this and I will look like Cletus after a few weeks of working the fryer at McDonald’s.

In the interim, you have missed such fascinating topics as pregnancy freak-outs and arguments over bowel movements (seriously, people, can anyone explain to me how any child can consume half a bottle of prune juice—sometimes with Metamucil in it, Grape Nuts, and pediatric laxatives in a 24 hour period and STILL hold it???). Don’t you just feel deprived?

To make it up, I’ll share some basic wisdom with you:

Hauling about 700 lbs of decorative bricks in and out of your car, then arranging them on the ground, isn’t the best idea if you are noticeably pregnant.

My sweet husband has, apparently, been wracking his brains this week for an idea for a Mother’s Day present. I don’t know if he is remembering Mother’s Day last year but, since I do, I’m pretty impressed. Today, he had his flash of inspiration and drug me to the local Menard’s to buy retaining wall bricks to create the raised flower bed I’ve wanted in the front yard for a long time (I figure it is an easy way to hide the stump from the huge pine tree we cut down years ago).

I figured it would be easier for me to pull the bricks out of the Expedition and let Sean create the circle. I didn’t count on his apparent lack of spatial skills. I eventually ended up on the ground, making my future circular flower bed look less like an oval.


No, the circle isn’t centered to the house. But I have so much yard to  the left of the house that it would look weird to move it closer to the driveway. At least that’s what Sean told me when I suggested moving it after we finally got the thing in place.

We only got the first layer this trip, so he’ll have to go back for the rest this weekend. Then, of course, I have to fill the whole thing with dirt and figure out what the heck to put in it. Have I mentioned that I have absolutely zero talent with plants?

Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “Still Alive and Waddling (Kicking Requires Too Much Effort)

  1. So glad they haven’t taken you away in a pine box. Where else would I get my morning chuckle! 🙂 Missed you. Glad you’re fine. Plant a perennial, that way you won’t ever have to make this decision again…there, that’s my one and only gardening suggestion. ;>)

    • No question, when the fall comes I’m filling that thing with tulip bulbs. They are my favorite flower, even if they don’t last long. I would also like to put in some sort of small, decorative tree. I need to figure out perennials that bloom during different times of the year so that it will stay pretty without me having to hassle too much.

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