Proof that Bribery Works

School’s Out! School’s Out!
Time to let these fools OUT!
No more pencils, no more books,
No more teacher’s dirty looks!

And, believe me people, the dirty looks have abounded around here for weeks now. From Noah, who was so completely over schoolwork, and from me, who was so completely over his attitude.

About a week ago, seeing that we only had about a week and a half to go before we were finished with school, I decided to give Noah some motivation to keep plugging away. I promised him that, the day after we finished, I would take them all to the zoo. Noah, realizing how close the zoo is to one of his favorite cousin’s houses, asked if she could come along, too. I promised to check.

When I mentioned the zoo plans to my mother, she pointed out that Cousin Z~ could only go on a Monday, since she isn’t in school that day and the other day that she is out is when she’s at her mom’s house. This was a problem, since I knew we were set to finish on a Wednesday.

But then I saw how this could all work to my advantage. I called Noah to me and put my evil plan in motion.

“Noah,” I began soberly, “Z~ can only go if we go on Monday. But you won’t be done with school by then, and we can’t go unless you’re finished. The only way we can take Z~ with us is if you do extra lessons before bedtime and finish school before Monday.”

Have I mentioned that I’m sick of doing school at this point, too?

Well, that time before bedtime is when I let my kids watch TV and wind down some. Noah was loathe to give it up. So, every time he complained about the idea, I would just shrug my shoulders and sigh.

“Oh well, I guess we won’t get to go to the zoo on Monday, then.”

And that is how we finished our last lesson about an hour ago.

Noah is so excited that, as soon as I closed the books for the last time, he insisted on calling Sean.

“Daddy, it’s Summer vacation!” was shouted in lieu of a hello.

I’ve already made it clear that, just because the official stuff is over doesn’t mean that we will ignore learning and remembering the things that we have worked on.

But, for now, I have a lot of time freed up. Which is probably a good thing. After the phone conversation I had with the online school people today, I have a feeling I better gear up for a fight. Wyatt is technically 13 days too young to enroll for kindergarten next year. And these people still very much have a public school mentality. Sadly, in their minds, readiness is not proving to be more important than and arbitrary age cut-off.



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3 responses to “Proof that Bribery Works

  1. YAY! for being done!
    How is he too young to be HOMESCHOOLED?! That’s ridiculous!

  2. Christina

    Oh my gosh I would LOVE it if we could be finished with school right now! I am so sick of the routines, and homework and tests… and all of it! Way to go Noah, have fun at the zoo! 🙂

  3. Bribery can be a very useful tool. 🙂 Good job, Noah! (and YOU, too!)

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