You’re Never to Young to Question Your Mom’s Style

Every night, we allow our kids to watch a little TV to wind down and then tuck them into bed. They each get hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy, along with a few minutes to talk about whatever they may have to say.

Tonight, as I was kissing Wyatt and enjoying that look of joy he gets as he hugs me tight and tells me he loves me “so much,” he decided to take the opportunity to tell me something.

“Mommy,” he said as he looked straight into my eyes, “I like your hair when it’s kind of more straight.”

“You don’t like it as much now that I’m letting it be curly?” I asked.

“No, not so much. I like it better when it doesn’t have the curls.” Then, looking at how I had it just then, he continued, “It’s ok when you have it back in a thing like that, though.”

“So, you like it straight or in a ponytail, but not when it’s curly?” I asked. Then, I suppose in some lame attempt to win him over, I continued, “Daddy likes it this way. He likes the curls.”

Wyatt thought about this for a second.

“No. Not so much the curls.”

That’s right—my four year old doesn’t like how I’m wearing my hair. Somehow, I thought my kids would be teenagers (or, at least, girls) before they started criticizing my style.


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