Truly Initiated Into Parenthood

As if there were any question at this point…

I think, at some point or another, every parent is peed on while changing a diaper. It is one of those things that makes you feel like you are truly a parent.

Tonight, Caleb decided to do me one better.

After all, how many parents can say that they were peed on FROM THE NEXT STALL OVER?


When I told Sean of this amazing feat, he asked me exactly how that came about. I responded with the logical answer which was, of course, HOW THE HECK SHOULD I KNOW? I was in THE NEXT STALL OVER. I couldn’t exactly see the precise mechanics that led to the situation.

The best I’ve got is: If you give a midget a fire hose, it’s bound to get away from him once in awhile.

I’ll be washing my feet before bed tonight.



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2 responses to “Truly Initiated Into Parenthood

  1. Don’t ya just love boys! 🙂 I know I do mine, but I could definitely do without the out of control fire hoses! 🙂

  2. Keith hasn’t completely initiated me into that area just yet…meaning: he hasn’t let his fire hose lose yet while changing his diaper…and no, that isn’t an open invitation for him to do so. 😉

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