30 Weeks—Holy Cow! Thirty Weeks!

I’m tired.

OK, I’m pretty much always tired, but we’re reaching a new level here.

When I was seventeen, my then-boyfriend-now-husband dropped me on my back. We were both sitting down at the time, goofing around and wrestling, so he didn’t drop me all that far. But it was far enough. I’ve had lower back problems ever since then (the poor guy still feels guilty every time I suck in air from a spasm). Anyhow, the problems are definitely worse when I’m pregnant. The bigger I get, the more constant the pain. Lately, it had been messing with my sleep a lot.

Now, I’m used to yawning a lot and dragging through my days. But Saturday? As I stood there wondering why a can wouldn’t scan as I was checking myself out at the grocery store (don’t ask me why, but I really prefer to do it myself)? And after several attempts I realized that I was trying to scan it over the conveyor belt instead of the scanner? Yeah, that’s when I knew that I have officially gone brain dead from lack of sleep.

Oh well. I mean, how much worse can it get over the next two months?

Wait. Don’t answer that.

In much more positive and exciting news…


OK, I picked a name. He, as usual, shot it down. A while later, I realized what his issue probably was and asked him if he might try considering the name without allowing a bratty kid from a 38-year-old movie to affect his opinion. It must have worked (well, that or the slight emotional breakdown I had over the whole naming thing around the same time). Anyhow, the next day, he said we could use the name.

I’m just not allowed to ask him about middle names. Because, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, WOMAN, ISN’T ONE ENOUGH FOR NOW? I’m OK with that. Heck, I asked him if he thought we should even give her a middle name or just omit it so she could take our last name as her middle name when she gets married someday.  I now know how people would look at me if I sprouted another head.

So, what name was finally amazing enough to break him down?

I’m not telling.

At least, I’m not telling you yet. I’m slowly starting to believe that he really does mean it and that I get to name her something that I really like. But, well, I just keep waiting for him to go, “Wait! I take it back! I just can’t do it!” Or something along those lines.

Maybe I’ll just sprinkle little clues here and there. See how long it takes you all to figure it out. You know…be totally annoying. You get your first one in this week’s picture:

30 weeks



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5 responses to “30 Weeks—Holy Cow! Thirty Weeks!

  1. Ummmm…Pampas Grass?! 🙂 Just kidding! I have not a clue. Can’t wait to find out though!
    So does the tired thing get any better? I sure hope so…for your sake.
    I’m tired too, although I can’t blame pregnancy on my attempt to put my purse in the refrigerator this morning. I’m blaming it on a couple of boys, who shall remain nameless, who think its fun to get up at 3 a.m. and play in their room.

    • The tired thing gets better after I have the baby and things move back into place (more or less) and I’m able to sleep again. How sad is it that I always end up looking forward to having a newborn so I can sleep again?

  2. Nicole

    Sorry about your back troubles. That’s the worst!
    Hmm… about the name, this will be fun! I’m thinking the clue must be either the flowers on your shirt, the color purple, or the brick house behind you. Hmm, what about Lilac? Amethyst? ha ha! Um… maybe not. Blossom?!! Hmm… I give up. 😉

  3. liloladenvers


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