Sewing and Growing

Today, the promise of more heat and humidity finally got to me. I still haven’t bought any maternity shorts since I just can’t justify the idea of $40 for something I’ll wear two months (especially when I can get JEANS for $20). So, I decided to just hack the lower part off of a pair of jeans and make my own shorts.

As I was standing in my room with the pants/shorts on inside out readjusting my pins to make sure that both legs would be the same length, all of my children came in to pester me monitor my progress and ask questions. As I explained what I was doing while trying to keep the baby from grabbing my pins and attempting not to poke myself, Noah took a closer look.

“Mommy, what’s that on your leg???”


I now have a pair of shorts to keep me more comfortable as the weather gets warmer. I also have a six-year-old creeped out by my varicose veins (which have been made visible by said shorts).


Sean got dirt to put in my planter today. That means I need to make a decision. I’d like to put in an ornamental tree (the smaller the better, since it is in front of the house) and plant some flowers around it, but I haven’t been able to decide on what kind. My front-runners right now are a weeping cherry, a lily of the valley tree, or a dogwood. Maybe a Japanese maple if I could find one that isn’t too ridiculously expensive. Thoughts? Anyone?


Along the same vein with plants…

Sean finally agreed to help me put in a garden! We have lived in this house for over five years now, and I have never had a garden. Honestly, the idea intimidates the crap out of me. For the past few years, though, I have wanted to try. He has always come up with different reasons not to do it. This year’s? He tried to tell me that our neighbor (an avid gardener) wouldn’t want us to have a garden so close to her yard.


I told her that. She laughed. Since then, she has been making little comments here and there to him about how great it would be to have a garden in my yard.

This evening, I came out to see Sean talking to the neighbor, Carolyn.

“You said Carolyn was OK with where you want to do your garden, but you should have seen her face when I showed her exactly where!” he said, triumphantly.

I was confused, since I had already shown her exactly where I wanted to do it.

“You didn’t tell her that you wanted to put it back next to her driveway like Paul (the previous owner of our house) did.”

“Um, that’s because I don’t want it there.”

His face fell.

“So where do you want it?”

“I wanted to put it in this BIG, FLAT, OPEN SPOT next to our garage.”

“But that’s right in the middle of the yard!” he protested.

Which, of course, caused Carolyn and I both to laugh at him. Apparently, the back corner of our side yard—a spot where I don’t let the kids play because I can’t see them from any angle inside of the house—is “right in the middle” of our yard. Right.

I pointed this all out to him. I asked him how in the world putting it there could possibly be in his way.

His answer? He has to mow there.

Um, not once it’s tilled up and full of plants!

Anyhow, he has admitted defeat. I have been assigned the tasks of deciding how big to make it and borrowing the tiller (that’s a tough one—walk next door, ask my dad if he could show Sean how to use it). Of course, that means I get to try to plant and tend a garden while I’m all big and waddley. I’ll manage on the sheer determination to prove to him what a good thing a garden will be (I hope).


Before I end, I’ll throw in another baby name clue. But first, I’ll go ahead and say that the last clue didn’t have anything to do with my father-in-law’s brick condo that I was standing in front of in that picture. Ever since Nicole suggested that, though, I’ve been laughing to myself and hoping that I’ll never have any reason to feel like using this for a lullaby to my daughter:


And now, the clue:

Some of my clues may seem like Latin, but you’ll get it by the twelfth night.



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6 responses to “Sewing and Growing

  1. From what we’ve been learning about gardening, the fall is the best time to plant trees. We planted a japanese maple in our front flower garden 2 years ago and it’s doing wonderfully. Last fall we planted a peach tree in our backyard – also doing well. Plus! If you wait until the fall to plant it – you can get them on sale! We bought our jm for much less than this time of year. Happy gardening!

  2. Ooooh, oooh, ooooh…I vote for a dogwood! I love the flowers in the spring. So pretty…and some of them are fragrant…absolutely devine! 🙂
    On the baby name…hmmm…I Googled 12th night and latin and came up with a Shakespear play with a leading character named Olivia…so that’s my latest guess. ;>)

  3. liloladenvers

    Japanese Maple, absolutely gorgeous! And Olivia is the bun in the oven….

  4. Gay

    Aha–it is probably Viola, which ties into the color of the top you were wearing in the 1st post. Lilac did occure to me after yesterday’s picture.

    Though Olivia is a good name too.

    Leave it to you to think of something literary and clever.

  5. Matt

    My guess is Violet since Viola is the Latin form of Violet and Violet Beauregarde is a brat in the 1971 Willy Wonka Movie.

  6. liloladenvers

    I’m going with Viola…. second guess (or third) is Violet. 😉

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