Quick Update

Since I know that some of you read my mom’s blog post, I thought I would give you a quick update on things.

Eli did have emergency surgery last night to repair an incarcerated hernia and a large hydrocele. Because we caught it quickly, there was no damage to his intestine and the surgeon feels that there will probably be no long-term damage to his fertility (I asked specifically since this is the kind of thing that can cause the kind of fertility problems that we dealt with for years).

We are home. He is acting completely normal. I am running on two hours of “sleep” that probably had little to no actual benefit. It is going to take everything in me to keep up with him until Sean gets home (because, you know, even if you are up most of the night in the emergency room, you still must at least make a brief appearance at work).

I’ll fill in the details later.



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2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. So glad he’s feeling better…will be thinking of you. Hope the hubby gets home soon to relieve you. I have never understood the unwritten rule about going into work even after spending the night in the E.R. Its as if, since you weren’t the one getting admitted, somehow you’re just fine. UGH!

  2. How scary! I am glad that he is okay! (((HUGS)))

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