Why Do the Criminals Get All of the Rights?

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In case you are wondering, that is what happens when you bang your head against the keyboard.

So, when I wrote about the Lying Jerk Face (heretofore known as LJF) who backed into me yesterday, there are a few things that I left out. I did it on purpose, because I wanted to confirm what I suspected before I said it here.


You know how I said he tried to talk me out of calling the police? I mean REALLY, REALLY tried? And then got mad when I did it anyhow?

Did you know that, if you have enough personal information about a person, you can pull up their driving record on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website? Ah, see, you learned something today. Or, at least, I learned something. Actually, I learned A LOT of something.

For instance…

  • LJF has two separate DUI’s and a drug conviction.
  • He refused to take a breathalyzer on the scene of both DUI’s.
  • His license has been revoked five times (three concurrent for one offense, two concurrent for another offense) and is currently driving under a three year restriction.
  • He has settled an injury case out of court.
  • He was picked up by the cops twice in the same day (once for reckless driving, once for one of the DUI’s) in two different counties.
  • He currently has 14 points on his license. (Fourteen! People, that takes effort! Especially when your license has been revoked for half of the reporting period!)

And that is just the standard three-year driving record report. Who knows what this idiot did before then?

Could someone please tell me why the heck this guy is still on the road??? Or why the cop on the scene of our accident didn’t press him a bit harder instead of just acting like I was wasting his time by wanting him to take a police report?

Or, better yet…

You know how I said that you can get this information if you have enough personal information about someone? When the cop came, he had us each fill out two forms. One was our statements about what happened in the accident. The other asked for our name, address, phone number, birthday, driver’s license number, social security number, and insurance company. After we filled those out, the cop gave me his, and GAVE HIM MINE!

That’s right. LJF, who is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, has ALL of my personal information! The only thing he didn’t get was my insurance policy number! And that was the only bit of information that he actually needed!

People, I’m going to order a complete criminal background check on him. Because I only know what shows up related to his driving record. And, given what a gem THAT shows him to be, I would really like to know what else this guy who now possesses my Social Security number and HOME ADDRESS has done. You know, in case I want to get a concealed carry permit.

And, if he does have a record outside of his stellar driving performance? I will raise hell with the police department. This should not be legal. They had to know who they were handing my personal  information over to when they did it. And that? That is just wrong.

ETA: And now they are talking on the news about how they are going to start reading Miranda Rights to terrorists. See? We have to protect the rights of those criminals. People who pine for the days of the Warren court need their heads examined.



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6 responses to “Why Do the Criminals Get All of the Rights?

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    Oh. My. Word!

  2. This is an outrage. What are you going to do?

  3. Have you called the police department to find out if this is normal procedure? I think I’d call them first, ask that question, explain your concerns, then file a formal complaint (even if it is normal procedure). After that, if what he did is normal and legal, I think I’d use those maternal political connections and start rattling some cages. If it isn’t legal, then I’d be after his badge.

    • Oh, believe me, I plan to ask them if it is normal procedure. I just want to have all of the facts when I go “discuss” it with them so I can drive home what an idiotic procedure it is. And if it is normal procedure, I absolutely do think that it should be changed and have already been contemplating how to go about getting that done (short of having some posthumus bill named after me when this guy ends up being some deranged killer who chops me into little bits for calling the police).

      As I’ve thought about it, they didn’t give me that information when I got rear-ended by a drunk in 2001. So I’m really questioning if he was supposed to have done that.

  4. I am enraged by this story. That’s horrifying.

    I wish I had something useful and helpful to say.


  5. Christina

    Are you kiddin’ me?! What on earth was that cop thinking???? Even if that guy wasn’t a total criminal dirtbag he shouldn’t be giving your private identifying information to a TOTAL STRANGER. Like what the heck?!!

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