Treats and Tweets

Yesterday, I earned superhero status with my kids.

Now that I am involved in the Cub Scouts, I am learning all of these cool things to do with little boys. Because, goodness knows, I’m no good at coming up with this stuff on my own. Anyhow, after having a successful activity with my Wolf Den on Wednesday, I used my leftovers to make my kids think that I am the coolest mommy ever.

First, we tied knots.

I know! Who would have thought that tying knots would be so stinkin’ cool? Apparently, little boys do. Seriously, they have been grabbing my ropes and tying knot after knot (especially Wyatt—that boy has OCD tendancies) ever since then.

The best part, though? We made campfires. In the house. And then we ate them.

Really, it is a cute way to teach a kid about building fires. The plate was their clearing. Mini marshmallows were rocks to make a fire ring. The tinder was shredded coconut, and broken pretzel pieces were the kindling. We used skinny pretzel stick for the logs. And the flames? Candy corn, of course! The kids appreciated this educational activity so much that they insisted that we show it to daddy when he came home. 🙂


campfire treat

I can’t remember the last time I got so many hugs and heard the phrase, “I really enjoyed our activity” so many times in the same day. Tonight, we are making flying saucer treats in a fire. We’ll see if Supermommy flies again.

Of course, tonight will be Daddy’s turn to be the coolest parent ever. Yesterday, out of the blue, he decided that he wanted to take the kids camping and fishing. After a bit of thought, we decided that it might be best to do the camping in our backyard (we really do have a good yard for it).

After checking the weather, Sean and the kids went out while I was making dinner yesterday and set up the tent. As they were finishing, it started to thunder. After they came in, it started to pour. I think that it rained off and on all night long. My kids were down in the tent this morning with towels trying to dry it out (despite the fact that it had a rain cover on it).  As I told Sean, he’s going to have to suck it up if that tent is still wet. He has kids who have been dancing around the house, gleefully proclaiming, “We’re going camping!” all day long. There is no getting out of this one.

Of course, being almost 7 1/2 months pregnant will make it impossible for me to spend the night trying to sleep on the ground. Poor me. (I would dance around the room and jump up and down if it didn’t require energy and agility that I no longer posses.)

I guess, to fill the void of my quiet evening, I’ll sit in the house and mock him via Twitter.

Yes, I broke down a few days ago and signed up for Twitter. (So if you are wondering who TheMotherGrimm is that is now following you—hi! If I’m not following you, it’s just because Twitter didn’t find you in my Gmail account.) I didn’t do it because of any great desire to do so. I did it because my husband and his family are. That’s right, my husband, who has never “gotten” why I blog. Who doesn’t understand why I read the blogs of people I have never actually met. My husband who can’t find my blog on his own, and only reads it if I pull up a post on my computer and drag him over to it. This is the man who was constantly telling me useful bits of information he was receiving via text message—tidbits like the fact that Neal Boortz found a snake in the bathroom while he was on vacation at the Grand Canyon. You know, things you just CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT KNOWING.

So, see? I had to sign up for Twitter. Otherwise, he’d know more about Gene Simmons’ day than mine.

Of course, the jury is still out on my opinion of Twitter. Honestly, I don’t speak Attention Deficit Disorder. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the kind of person who completes a thought in 140 characters or less. It’s like trying to reduce my life into haiku.

I’ve also learned to be prepared if you set things up so the bipolar relative’s tweets to come to your cell phone. Because you may end up with multiple text messages extolling the virtues of ginger. Both the spice and the red-headed island castaway. Although, now that I think about it, he never got to the red-headed Spice Girl, which would have been the next logical step. That may be because he’s ADD, too (and, therefore, loves the Twitter format). He’d probably moved on before he got that far.

So, yeah, life is pretty good. Tonight, I’m going to try not to think about the nonsense from the past few days and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe I’ll even write a haiku about the joys of sleeping mosquito-free.



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5 responses to “Treats and Tweets

  1. Nicole

    How nice to enjoy a night alone! I bet you’re loving that much deserved peace and quiet!

    Now that you’ve signed up for Twitter, now it’s time for you to join Facebook!

  2. What is TWITTER, exactly? Is it like Facebook?

  3. Yummy campfires!

    And I just don’t get Twitter.

  4. Christina

    Mmm… those campfires look very good. But then I’m attracted to pure sugar like that.

  5. I just have to laugh cause my hubby is so on the same track as yours when it comes to facebook and blogging! Also,I loved the fact that you still got a quiet night even though the weather didn’t comply–you deserve it! 😉

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