Updates on Life

Would anyone care to explain to me why, if ear infections are not contagious, HALF of my family is currently dealing with them? Sean has been trying to ignore his away since last week. Eli has been on antibiotics for the one I didn’t know he had for a week now. And when I took Noah and Caleb in to get medicine for their pink eye? Well, what do you know, Caleb is fighting full-blown ear infections in both ears! Holy crap, people! None of my kids has ever had an ear infection before!

We now have a good stash of eye drops and antibiotics going on around here. On the plus side, Eli is probably safe from the pink eye since he has been on antibiotics for a week. I may just start putting the drops in Wyatt’s eyes even though he doesn’t have any symptoms yet. Experience has taught me that it is easier to just prevent it than to keep chasing it from kid to kid.

In other news…

Sean picked up the accident report and cd of the 911 call for me today. Interestingly, the accident report had a cover letter stating that, in accordance with federal law, the social security numbers had been redacted.

Federal law. I’m definitely talking to that cop’s boss.

Anyhow, the accident report is pretty worthless. No surprise there. The cop who filed it was being pretty worthless, too.

But the 911 call…

Folks, my memory did not fail me. My phone picked him up in three different places. I know what he was saying each time, but I’m guessing some of it will need enhanced for other people to understand it.

The first time is, unfortunately, the least clear. Nevertheless, I’m 99% certain they’ll be able to make out him telling me that he’ll lose his license if he gets cited (assuming they really try).

The second time it picks him up, there is absolutely no question what he is saying. He tells me he’ll get my car fixed (he was trying to talk me out of reporting the accident). If that isn’t an admission of responsibility, I really don’t know what is.

The third time, only part of it is really clear. It is kind of muffled as he is asking me to talk to his father, who he has on his cell phone (the dad wanted to try and talk me out of calling the police). I tell him that the cops are already on their way. At that point, you can hear him tell his dad, “She says she can’t talk to you.” His dad showed up right after the cop did strictly so he could monitor what happened. I have no question that his dad told him to lie and say that I ran into him.

I emailed the audio file to the insurance adjuster. I’m hoping it will be enough for them to get the other insurance company to admit to his financial responsibility. Then, I have to figure out how to deal with the police. I have the social security number issue to address with them, but I want more than that. I want them to go after him for filing a false police report. I want to see him held accountable for this nonsense.



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3 responses to “Updates on Life

  1. Nicole

    Oh wow. What a HUGE HASSLE for you! All because he didn’t take responsibility, and fess up to his mistake. What in the world?! Good for you for sticking up for yourself, and making sure this guy is held accountable. Hopefully he’ll learn a lesson about honesty here. Sorry you have to deal with this mess… I sure hope it all works out in your favor. *hugs*

  2. Unreal. So sorry you have to play detective to nail this guy to the wall…seems like cops should be the ones taking care of all of this. Won’t they be embarassed that a woman who is seven months pregnant did a better job of sorting all of this out than they did?! HA! 🙂

  3. Christina

    I know this isn’t any fun for you, but reading about it is almost as interesting as an episode of NCIS!! Now if you could just get Mark Harmon to do a cameo…

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