Given how quiet it has been here over the past week or so, it would be easy to assume that I had fallen off of the face of the earth. Wishful thinking, I suppose, could conjure up thoughts of me going into labor and having the baby early (this is no longer an evil thought, since I’m far enough along for her to be just fine).


I’ve been passing the time with such delightful pursuits as miserable illness overwhelming stress. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

You know how I’ve mentioned that my husband and two of my kids ended up with ear infections after catching a little cold? Well, I didn’t suffer the same fate as they did. Oh, no. That would be much to mundane. Instead, I spent a week hacking like an asthmatic chain smoker (something I’m still fighting with to some extent) while enduring an ear infection on one side of my head and a SINUS INFECTION of the other side. Are you familiar with the character Two-Face from Batman?

two face

It was kind of like that, only both sides were evil. Sleeping, obviously, was a joy.

In the middle of all of that, I drug my exhausted body to my weekly (WEEKLY! We’ve reached the weekly stage!) appointment with my midwives and found out that I was anemic. That, my friends, explains sooooo much of the past several weeks. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to find out that there was a medical reason for how I’ve felt, and not just that I was turning into an intolerably lazy slob.

As they say, though, time (and, apparently, iron supplementation) heals all things. Other than the persistent smoker’s cough, I’ve been pretty much back to normal for a couple of days now.

That means I was all better just in time to go into a mad-dash freak-out about the church commitments I had for this week.

About a month ago, I was asked to host (and be the sole speaker for) an activity about self-reliance and maintaining food storage in case of an emergency. I should probably point out the fact that I was not the first choice for this. That distinctions would go to my mother, who has done a lot of research on these topics over the past several months, has a year’s supply of food stored, keeps a large garden, planted a small orchard this year, and (for the love of pete!) is raising honey bees.

And me? Well, as I told the women who came to the activity last night, me teaching on this topic was a definite case of the hypocritical leading the blind. Except for the fact that a lot of them know what they are doing, so they don’t qualify as blind. But me, with my couple of months of famine rations and first little garden ever? Sooo not qualified. But the discussion was good and no one felt the need to repeatedly correct me, so I guess it went pretty well. Either that, or they all took pity on my obvious stupidity. It could go either way.

This morning, we had a sports/game activity for all of the Cub Scouts. What I had originally thought was supposed to be a multiple-game activity put together by all six leader had turned into just me responsible for the whole thing since everyone else was working/at school/out of town. And I was sick. And responsible for another activity. And had no clue what to do. And I was freaking out about it. Thankfully, at the last minute I found out that one of the other leaders wasn’t out of town after all and she had it under control. Talk about your white knight moment. I spent this morning watching the kids play wiffle ball.

Then, I came home and let out a huge sigh of relief.

All of my major events and stress-inducers before the baby is born are over with. Well, except for finishing writing (and, heaven forbid, MAILING) my thank you cards from the awesome baby shower my friends and family held for me a couple of weeks ago. I am so lame for not having that done yet. Seriously, you should see all of the cute outfits, blankets, and jewelry this little girl will be starting life in. I love it.

So now, I just focus on not going crazy while waiting out the last few weeks. I’ll just work on being ready  for the upheaval of a new baby. And take a few moments to breathe.



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2 responses to “Exhale.

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    SO glad you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and that you’re healing. That illness sounds just plain yucky. Good thing, though, that you got it out of your system now instead of four weeks from now with baby on the way!
    Hope these last few weeks are restful (relatively speaking) and easy going. What am I saying? I have no idea what being eight months pregnant is like…but I definitely know its not easy going! 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Nicole

    OH man. Am I glad to get internet access again! Your blog is probably my favorite thing to read EVER! It is just hilarious… not that I’m laughing at you about your crappy mornings, etc… but that I SOOO relate to life with 4 little ones. Although, I’ve never been prego on top of it all! You’re amazing. I miss you!

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