To Do: Done.

I wish I could say that my lack of writing lately has been due to the laid-back, restful life that I am leading as I go through these last few weeks of gestating. You know, like how they tell working women to start maternity leave a couple of weeks before their due date so they can rest up and be prepared for the marathon of labor and the impending sleepless nights.


There has, of course, been the added stress of my father-in-law’s surgery and stay in the hospital. Sean has spent a lot of time there, which has left me alone with the boys during parts of the day when I would normally have a little bit of help. Originally, they thought they would be sending Tom home on Thursday, but he ended up having several hours of racing heart rate that day (significant enough that he had to watch them pulling out paddles in case they needed to shock him back to life), as well as some breathing issues. He finally came home today.

And then, there has just been life. The normal, day-to-day stuff, as well as the extras to keep things interesting. I would claim to be nesting, but it isn’t like I’m doing all of this stuff out of some hormonal urge. It just needs to be done, and it makes more sense to get it out of the way before the baby is born.

Today, I decided to do it in quite the frenzy. It is past 10:30 pm and I’m just finally sitting down and trying to wind down. Honestly, though, I’m rather proud of all I’ve accomplished today.

I started out by going to our local farmer’s market. The deals were not nearly as good this week as last, seeing as how we showed up last week right as a massive storm was rolling in. Somehow, it is hard to get excited about normal prices when you’ve scored a dozen peaches for two dollars. Not that it matters. I’m not supposed to be their to score deals. The fact is, it’s an election year for my mother and every politician needs to be seen with a baby. The vendors seem to be remembering Eli. No word on how long she’ll give me off before Violet and I will be expected to make an appearance after her birth.

I came home and cleaned the fish bowl, the gecko vivarium, and the ferret cage. We won’t even talk about how horrible that last one was.

We have wanted for awhile now to move rooms around. Last week, we convinced Wyatt to move into the bedroom downstairs with Noah. In a few months, Eli will move in with Caleb. The only thing we had left to do was to convert our small bedroom, where we have kept all of the boys’ dressers, into a spare bedroom (which will, eventually, become Violet’s room). The only problem is that that room was essentially the equivalent of a walk-in junk drawer.

With Sean’s help, we got all of the dressers and junk out. I washed the walls (no small feat, given my size) and scrubbed the carpet. Sean has begun setting up the bed. Tomorrow, we’ll bring in the dressers so I can organize all of the baby’s clothes.

My other albatross of a room was the school room. In the past week, all of our school supplies have shown up (amazing, considering everything was two weeks late last year). A good portion of today was spent packing up all of Noah’s supplies from last year, then unpacking everything for Noah and Wyatt this upcoming year. Which, of course, felt incredibly stupid since I was packing and unpacking the exact same freaking books, given that Wyatt will be doing what Noah did last year. Oh well, it’s done. (And, yes, I did officially get Wyatt enrolled. Funny, once I sent those IQ test results in, it was only a couple of days before everything was taken care of and his materials were shipped.)

In between the big projects today, I went to the grocery store, sorted clothes to go to my new nephew, and cleaned and froze TEN POUNDS of strawberries. Someday, when I’m not so busy, they will become jam.

Most of my To Do list has been crossed off. Now, I just need to find a rice field to give birth in while life goes on.


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One response to “To Do: Done.

  1. Nancy

    Kudos to you for getting more done in one day than could be expected, even if you weren’t pregnant.

    I’ll give you all the time off you want before you introduce Violet to the farmer’s market. Two weeks enough? (Just kidding.)

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