The big question now is: Is it for real, or will it peter out and leave me exhausted for the day tomorrow?

All I know is that, if I’m not having a baby tonight/tomorrow, this is one heck of a pregame show.

Oh, and suddenly, I’m having a huge HOLY CRAP moment. I’m having a baby. A BABY. Five kids, people.

Suddenly, everything is feeling very real.



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5 responses to “Ouch.

  1. Ooooh! We’ll be praying!!!!!

  2. Here’s hoping you have the best birth experience and enjoy meeting your daughter!

  3. I hope everything goes perfectly! You’ll be in my prayers! 🙂

  4. Christina

    SO EXCITING!! Unless, the contrations petered out… did they? You must post ASAP if you are NOT in labor! (If you are in labor? Focus on that! No worries, I can wait for an update. LOL)

    Praying for you!!

  5. So?? Was it the big game or just pregame jitters? So excited that this little girl is coming soon! Hope you have a peaceful labor (is there such a thing? I’m the wrong person to ask), and can’t wait to hear all about your sweet baby. And the squirrel…hoping the kids didn’t actually catch one 😉

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