Just Call Me Yente

OK, folks. I’ve got a little problem:


Sean’s grandma found this little kitten hiding in our bushes this morning. My fat dog became obsessed with her, following her around and licking her. I guess she took it as a sign that she should move into our garage. Every time we go outside, she follows us around rubbing on our legs and just trying to be part of the family.

Oh, and she has been desperately trying to move into our house.


Yes, that is the kitten CLIMBING our screen door.

Honestly, it is the sweetest little kitty that I have ever seen (I usually don’t even like cats). She let Caleb buckle her into a stroller and push her around (until I noticed and put an end to it). She follows the kids around when they are outside. And she’s not at all scared of my dogs (which makes me nervous).

Here’s the thing, though. I have five kids, three dogs, a ferret, a gecko, a goldfish, and a husband who is allergic to cats. There is NO WAY that I can take her in.

But I’m a total softy and a sucker. And ignoring her and hoping that she moved on to another house wasn’t working, anyhow.

So, here’s the deal…Does anyone want a kitten? Or know anyone who could give the world’s sweetest little kitty a good home?

Obviously, this is for the people who know me in real life. And I’m dead serious. I need to find a good place for this little thing to live. I just don’t think it is going to go away, and I can’t ignore the poor thing as long as she is rubbing my legs every time I go outside.

Someone? PLEASE? Anyone???



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4 responses to “Just Call Me Yente

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    Awwwww…I totally would in a heartbeat, but alas I’m halfway across the country. hope you find a good home, soon.

  2. Oh, she is precious! I would consider it if I wasn’t living in someone else’s home right now.

    There is a spray you can get at the pet supply store that you groom the kitty with so that people with allergies aren’t bothered by them. It’s actually the enzymes from the cat cleaning herself that Sean is allergic to, and this spray breaks it down. It has worked beautifully for several people I know.

    Problem solved – now you can keep the kitty AND the hubby! 😉

  3. Leticia

    Hi! You commented on my blog the other day, so I just wanted to know who this is. Thanks!!

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