And Now the Real Fun Begins

Before I move on to anything else, let me just be clear on one thing:

You people suck.

Or, at least, those of you who had it in your power to help me out of my kitty conundrum and didn’t.

Yes, the sweet little kitty does now have a permanent home. That’s the problem. Do you have any clue just how difficult it is to nurse a baby with a kitten laying on your chest an head-butting you for attention? Writing this blog post is presenting its own challenges with my furry little friend on my lap begging for attention. And I may never eat a turkey sandwich in peace again.

Yes, people, I am an enormous sucker. I’m also kicking myself for forgetting the fact that absolutely no surface is safe from a cat. Is it even possible to teach them to stay off of the table? Or will this be the thing that finally pushes me into a complete emotional breakdown?

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of emotional breakdowns…

At some point around Saturday evening or Sunday morning, it occurred to me that Monday was the first day of school. (This is why I arranged all of the school supplies BEFORE the baby was born—I knew I wouldn’t be thinking about it once she was here.) So, yeah. Sunday evening I told the kids that, by the way, we would be starting school the next day.

Sean called me Monday afternoon to see how our first day had gone.

“Well,” I told him, “The baby screams if I try to set her down, Noah was crying half-way through our math lesson, Eli has poured out a box of tapioca—TWICE and, oh yeah, I’m pretty sure the ferret is dead.”

To his credit, he said some encouraging things after he finished laughing. To MY credit, I didn’t mention the part where I found the one-year-old playing in the cat litter. (And, yes, the ferret was dead. At least I was expecting it—he had stopped eating a few days earlier and was obviously not doing well.)

Three days into the school year, though, and I’m feeling a bit better about how we’re doing. I’m not saying that I’ve achieved a groove that leaves my house looking anything other than terrifying, but we are doing everything academically that we are supposed to every day. Heck, we’ve even gotten a few extra lessons in here and there.

And that brings me to another confession. I have decided that I’m not keeping track of how much time I spend on lessons this year. I’m just leaving the default times and not stressing about if we are actually doing the time requirement every day. Because you know what? If I sent my kids to public school, they wouldn’t be getting instruction the whole time they were there. Not even close. And I’m not going to drive myself crazy holding myself to a higher standard on something as unimportant as how much time it takes us to do the work if we are DOING THE WORK.

I’m sure that some people will see this as some glaringly dishonest flaw in my character. Undoubtedly, I am mere baby steps from knocking over banks and selling my body to strangers. Oh well. I can live with that.

At least my sanity will have a shot at surviving.



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7 responses to “And Now the Real Fun Begins

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    You are my hero. Not only did you just have a baby, but you’re homeschooling too! I’m going crazy and I haven’t done EITHER recently! 🙂 In fact, you’re the second bloggy friend I have that recently (as in the last month) had a baby and is starting their homeschooling on time. I. AM. IMPRESSED!

  2. I feel your pain on the kitty thing, except for some reason, we got our kittens (two of them!) on purpose. Oh Heavens, what have we done! They are wild beasts who do nothing but chase, bite, claw and make messes! I think I’ll like them immensely more in a few weeks when we have them declawed…but for now…urg! Woob wanted to know if the dr. would also be removing their teeth. Freakin’ little fur demons!

  3. If you figure out how to keep the cat off the kitchen counters and table – I am keenly interested in learning your method!!!

  4. I have the answer for the kitty on the table… really. But it’s a little messy. Use a squirt gun. They don’t like it, it scares them and they jump down. They also run to you for comfort, so there is a little guilt built in, but I have friends who PINKY SWEAR it works!

  5. Christina

    Lilola beat me to it… squirt gun. Or spray bottle, set on “stream” – either will work fine.
    I love kittens. Love them. Which is why it’s good I don’t live near you and couldn’t help you out of your conundrum, because my husband and kids already say I’m a cat lady and right now we only have 3. 🙂

  6. Nicole

    OH wow. You have soooooooo much going on right now. It’s a wonder you’re still standing. Good luck with the kitten. You have such a big heart to take her in. After learning the hard way, I’ve decided to not have any pets until my kids are all out of diapers. I have enough poop to deal with as it is! But maybe I’ll change my mind as things settle down around here. I think it’s amazing that you can handle it. You’re an inspiration!

  7. Jenn

    I loved reading your post…especially the part about home school. Our first 3 days went very similar to yours. It can only get better from here! You are doing an AWESOME job!!!

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