Put Up or Shut Up

I knew that I would start the school year with a newborn baby.

I also knew that my garden would start producing sometime around when the baby was born.

And, yes, I agreed to putting the older two boys in soccer this year even though the season started two weeks before my due date.

I just didn’t put all of the things together to realize just how frantic my life was going to become.

I am managing to keep most of the balls in the air right now. School is getting done every day, even if I am teaching with a baby attached to my breast (something that is—surprisingly—not at all distracting to my kids). I can’t say that I’m keeping my house clean, but I am maintaining some minimal level of sanitation. The kids haven’t missed any soccer games or practices.

But my garden?

I’m having hard time getting out to even pick the things that are ripe right now. Every time I go out there, I see tomatoes on the ground that just fell off from being so ripe.

And putting everything up? Um, yeah…

A look in my refrigerator right now would reveal an obscene amount of cucumbers waiting to be made into pickles (Or relish? We may have moved past the crisp period that would generally go with pickles…). I’m sure that I have several quarts worth of hot peppers to can. I still have the ten pounds of strawberries in my freezer to be made into jam (OK, those were from the store, but still…they are waiting). And between my mother and I, we have a good 100 pounds of tomatoes to be canned in various forms (most of which, I hope, will resemble salsa).

While I realize that I am frequently given to fits of hyperbole, this is not one of those times. Seriously, we have 100 pounds of tomatoes—75 pounds purchased from a local farmer, and the rest from our own gardens.

At least I have most of my zucchini grated and frozen (somewhere around 40 cups worth). And what hasn’t been frozen has been made into wonderful things like chocolate zucchini cake. That I have been consuming for days. With buttercream icing.

I can just see my six-week post baby appointment with the midwife when they ask me why I haven’t lost any weight and I have to blame it on a bumper crop of zucchini. And then I’d be the crazy lady with the zucchini fetish who writes about vibrators. And, somehow, having them put those two things together and associate them with me at the same time could just be awkward. Because the vibrator isn’t awkward enough.


So, today I am spending most of the day on school work and housecleaning. At 4:45 I have to take the kitten to the vet (Which could also be slightly awkward because she doesn’t have a name and who doesn’t name a pet that they’ve had for two whole weeks now? I’m having a Holly Golightly moment). Then, I’m supposed to be at the Cub Scouts pack meeting at 6:00.

And when I come home? Tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes.

I’m tired just thinking about it.



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4 responses to “Put Up or Shut Up

  1. I am tired for you! SHEESH! Come to my house tonight – we’re eating pizza and watching Bee Movie. You can relax!

  2. Dude, you are making me tired, quit it! 😉

    Oh, and I think Holly Golightly would be a fantabulous name for the new/old kitty.

  3. Oh! I’m reading this and feeling anxious for you! I hope you can get everything canned.

  4. cindy

    At least you have never forgotten the baby anywhere….:) Ha Ha!

    I will take a nap for you.

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