I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

How do you people with a bunch of school-aged children do it?

A couple of weeks ago, I finally sat down with my calendar and scheduled in all of the boys’ soccer games. I instantly felt overwhelmed. Today, Wyatt’s coach sent a practice schedule for the rest of the season.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Can I just say—Sean agreed to being a coach because that was supposed to insure that the boys would at least have their practices on the same days. Those days being Tuesday and Thursday. But the schedule we got today? Most of the practices are days other than Tuesday and Thursday. And that schedule was made by the wife of the person who told us that Sean coaching would mean overlapping practices.


Next week, we will be on the soccer field every day except Monday (a holiday) and Sunday. That is largely due to the fact that Wyatt has two games AND two practices that week.

Add to all of the soccer my commitment to Cub Scouts every week, the fact that Sean’s mother is coming to town in  a week, we are going out of town for a birthday party in a couple weeks, and my mother is planning a BARN RAISING this month (yes, seriously) and I’m wondering if I will survive this month. Hmm…Maybe I should just plan for a nervous breakdown in the next week. The sooner I do it, the more stuff I can get out of for the remainder of the month. 😉

Honestly, though, we’re surviving. I can’t believe that we are already starting our third week of school. I won’t say that it is easy, but we are hitting a groove. I know this because the kids are showing signs that the novelty has worn off for them. Honestly, though, we are doing better than I had feared. Much better. Especially since I was scared of utter failure this time around. But we aren’t failing. And, so far, I feel like I’m interacting with my younger kids more this year than I did during school last year. I’m finding ways to include them in school sometimes and everyone is relatively happy with the arrangement.

I have so much more to say about life, but so little time because I’m so busy living it. And, on that note, I had better close. Tomorrow is my early morning and Caleb just came out burning up, shaking (he’s my only kid that gets the shakes like that when he has a fever), and asking for a barf bowl.

It could be a long night.



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3 responses to “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

  1. Ha! I seriously considered naming my blog “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” So funny! You poor baby. We dropped soccer two years ago and switched to indoor basketball in the winter. The kids miss soccer. I do too- just a little. I do NOT miss my nightly nervous breakdowns over the crazy schedule.

    I hope Caleb feels better soon, and the barfing doesn’t make the rounds.

    You seriously need a vacation, hon.

  2. Nancy

    It’s only a 10 x 20 foot prefab barn. How hard can it be? (Don’t answer that.)

  3. Christina

    Oh the cursed soccer schedule. At our worst we had two kids playing it. I really don’t think I could take three. This year? None. And I am sooooo happy about that!! Soccer is a great sport. My kids had fun, got lots of exercise, made friends, blah blah blah. But dang that schedule was a nightmare. To say nothing of all the practices/games in the freezing cold rain. (Seattle falls are no fun!) YUCK.

    I am super impressed you are already 3 weeks into your school year!! You rock. 🙂

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