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The Nookie Jar

This evening, while in the car, I turned to my wonderful husband.

“I’m thinking  I’m going to buy a cute jar and label it ‘Nookie Jar,’” I told him.

His eyebrows raised.

“Now THIS has the potential to be interesting.”

Ahhh, but alas poor husband, it is nothing like that.

For quite awhile now, I have been admiring the Amazon Kindle. OK, coveting would be a much more appropriate word. I’m a woman with an English degree and a love of cool electronic things…it’s a no-brainer that I would want it.

But today. Oh, today. I opened my email and found a big, pretty advertisement for the new Nook from Barnes and Noble.


People, I WANT ONE. More than the Kindle. In a perfect world, someone from Barnes and Noble would offer to give me one to review for them. But, alas, the most exciting thing I’ve ever been asked to review was tooth-whitening strips. And I couldn’t even do that because I was pregnant at the time. So, I have hatched a plan wherein I am going to start selling the contents of my bookcases and stashing the money in my Nookie Jar (get it—Cookie Jar, but for a Nook…) so I don’t have to feel guilty about buying one (which fits in perfectly with my current determination to declutter my house).

Still, my husband’s stuck on that “Nookie Jar.”

I suggested that if he were putting forth noticeable contributions to ensure I get my toy faster, well, that jar just might accomplish both of our goals. He said that’s doable, but he would probably have to start diverting money from our vacation jar. And the kids might start asking questions.

That’s fine. When they do, he’ll just have to tell them to talk quietly…Mommy’s reading.



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Excuse Me?

Next week, my little brother is going to a wedding where the groom is Hungarian. As we sat in my car on the way home from a long trip, I tried teaching him a couple of Hungarian exclamations that I know from my dear, Hungarian-speaking husband.

Today, I told Sean that it occurred to me that maybe I should have taught him the equivalent of “bless you” (more like “on to your health”) so he could impress them if someone sneezed.

“It’s probably good that you didn’t,” Sean told me. “You can get yourself into a lot of trouble with that one.”

“Oh, really?” This was news to me.

“Yeah,” he said, “if you put the wrong emphasis on one “E,” you basically end up telling them to shove it up their rear.”


I have spent the rest of the evening randomly busting up in laughter (I was in tears while we were READING SCRIPTURES because I thought of it again) every time I think of it. Maybe it’s juvenile, but the thought of saying THAT to someone right after they sneeze…

I’m entirely to easily amused.

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Losing My Stuff…And the Dog

It had been such a nice weekend. Really, it had. Every year, my community does a big festival the first week of October. Friday night there is a cruise-in, Saturday is a parade, and Saturday and Sunday are a street fair. Since my mother is up for re-election this year, we attended most of it. While wearing “Vote for Nancy” shirts. With the kids handing out campaign stuff and asking passers-by to “Please vote for my Grandma.” Go ahead, say it. Awwwwww

We missed the parade, though, because Wyatt and Noah had their last soccer games on Saturday. Part of me is sad for them since they really loved playing. Then the part of me that doesn’t have to spend almost every evening at the soccer field throws a big fat party.

So, anyhow, the weekend. It was nice. It was productive. It was even spiritually enlightening. Overall, it was great.

Until approximately 5:45 Sunday evening.

That would be when Sean called me, as I was driving home from helping my mom one last little bit at the street fair, and said “Um, we have a little bit of an emergency here—are you almost home?”

As I wasn’t home to assess damage and daddy apparently gets a little more easily freaked out than I do, an ambulance was already on the way by the time I reached the house. Apparently, Eli had been on a bike with training wheels and Sean had asked Noah to push him for a bit. Sean thought Noah would know to be really gentle. Sean was wrong. One good shove later, blood was everywhere and Eli’s tooth was shoved way the heck towards the back of his mouth.

A visit to Children’s Hospital and an emergency office visit to my (cosmetic) dentist (that man is AWESOME), the poor kid had essentially been through hell having his tooth pushed back closer to where it belongs (but it isn’t wanting to stay there). By the time we got home and tried to put him to be, he was MAD. As in, punching anyone who got close to him. Except Noah. He got a good poke in the eye.

A little after midnight, when we were finally all settled into bed, it occurred to me that I didn’t know where our one dog, Thunder, was. He snuggles up to me in a thoroughly obnoxious way when the nights get chilly. And last night was definitely chilly. And he wasn’t there. And I realized he didn’t greet us with the other dogs when we got home from the hospital. And I couldn’t remember seeing him since, oh, around lunchtime.

We searched the house. We checked the backyard. We looked in both cars. We went into our garage and sheds.

We couldn’t find him anywhere.

I spent a restless night alternately being woken up by a hungry baby, a 19-month-old in pain, and worry. Worry about my son. Worry about the missing dog in the cold air. And COYOTES! Have I mentioned we have coyotes around here? And you know that Jessica Simpson just lost her dog to a coyote. And if it can happen to a celebrity, where does that leave us mere mortals and our mere mortal dogs???

When I left this morning to get Eli’s prescriptions filled, he was still missing. I even did a lap around the neighborhood on the way out to see if he was anywhere out in the open. Or squished on the road (horrible, I know, but I’m just being honest).

As I wondered the store, I got a phone call from Sean. He just wanted to let me know that his car stunk of nervous dog. But Thunder was safe and sound.  He had apparently gotten in there when Noah was getting a sucker out of the car yesterday and, even though he saw him jump in, neglected to make sure that Thunder got back OUT before closing the door. And the fact that Sean and I BOTH checked that stinkin’ car last night (Sean even opened the door!)??? Who the heck knows. I’d like to think the stupid dog learned his lesson but, well…Let’s just say that shih tzu’s aren’t the brightest breed in the kennel.

So here I am—sleep deprived and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Oh, and unable to cook a meal for my family since Sean was in the middle of swapping our old stove for a new one when all hell broke loose. So I currently have two stoves, but they are both in the garage. Which is, of course, incredibly useful.

And my poor little boy, by son with an incredible smile, still has a horribly swollen mouth and a Cletus tooth. And I still don’t know if it will go back into place, fall out, or have to be pulled. 😦 Thankfully, though, he is feeling much better. And what kid is going to complain about living off of ice cream, popsicles, pudding, and applesauce?

So, when it rains it pours. But at least my dog is home—alive and safe. So every cloud has its silver lining. He maybe a stinky, brain-dead silver lining, but I’ll take it.


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