Excuse Me?

Next week, my little brother is going to a wedding where the groom is Hungarian. As we sat in my car on the way home from a long trip, I tried teaching him a couple of Hungarian exclamations that I know from my dear, Hungarian-speaking husband.

Today, I told Sean that it occurred to me that maybe I should have taught him the equivalent of “bless you” (more like “on to your health”) so he could impress them if someone sneezed.

“It’s probably good that you didn’t,” Sean told me. “You can get yourself into a lot of trouble with that one.”

“Oh, really?” This was news to me.

“Yeah,” he said, “if you put the wrong emphasis on one “E,” you basically end up telling them to shove it up their rear.”


I have spent the rest of the evening randomly busting up in laughter (I was in tears while we were READING SCRIPTURES because I thought of it again) every time I think of it. Maybe it’s juvenile, but the thought of saying THAT to someone right after they sneeze…

I’m entirely to easily amused.


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  1. Ha ha ha! I love foreign languages and how easy it can be to say something inappropriate!

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