The Nookie Jar

This evening, while in the car, I turned to my wonderful husband.

“I’m thinking  I’m going to buy a cute jar and label it ‘Nookie Jar,’” I told him.

His eyebrows raised.

“Now THIS has the potential to be interesting.”

Ahhh, but alas poor husband, it is nothing like that.

For quite awhile now, I have been admiring the Amazon Kindle. OK, coveting would be a much more appropriate word. I’m a woman with an English degree and a love of cool electronic things…it’s a no-brainer that I would want it.

But today. Oh, today. I opened my email and found a big, pretty advertisement for the new Nook from Barnes and Noble.


People, I WANT ONE. More than the Kindle. In a perfect world, someone from Barnes and Noble would offer to give me one to review for them. But, alas, the most exciting thing I’ve ever been asked to review was tooth-whitening strips. And I couldn’t even do that because I was pregnant at the time. So, I have hatched a plan wherein I am going to start selling the contents of my bookcases and stashing the money in my Nookie Jar (get it—Cookie Jar, but for a Nook…) so I don’t have to feel guilty about buying one (which fits in perfectly with my current determination to declutter my house).

Still, my husband’s stuck on that “Nookie Jar.”

I suggested that if he were putting forth noticeable contributions to ensure I get my toy faster, well, that jar just might accomplish both of our goals. He said that’s doable, but he would probably have to start diverting money from our vacation jar. And the kids might start asking questions.

That’s fine. When they do, he’ll just have to tell them to talk quietly…Mommy’s reading.



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6 responses to “The Nookie Jar

  1. Do yourself a favor and browse around their forums. I own a Kindle and was getting major jealousy flashes today until I did some reading. The Nook has some neat features, but the price of books and 3G downloading on the Kindle beats it hands down. And those are the two things on the Kindle I would not do without.

    Good luck on your choice.

  2. Why did the Nook win out over the Kindle? I’ve been considering the Kindle and even have the money saved up. Tell me, oh wise one, why I should change my mind…

    • ASeeOfGreen: From what I have read, Nook has the 3G downloading (as well as WiFi). B&N is saying that bestsellers will be $9.99–same as Amazon. What have you seen that is negative?

      Lilola: Nook supports epub and pdf, so there will be tons more titles available, including 50,000+ free titles. It has a color display. You will be able to browse any wireless titles you want to in their entirety when you are physically in a B&N store (just like picking the book up and looking through it) and it will automatically show you B&N specials when you take it into the store. And maybe the coolest part–you can lend books! So if we both had one, we could swap titles for free. I’ve read some really good reviews. Here’s one:

      If you go to you can get all of the info and watch videos about it.

  3. Nicole

    The Nookie Jar… way to get a hubby’s hopes up! ha ha! And I just saw your twitter update about the “f” word on the side of your page and it cracked me up. That’s great. 🙂

  4. Christina

    Hmm… I see serious advertising potential for BN on this Nookie Jar idea… you should quick trademark it and then offer to sell it to them!! LOL.

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