It’s Not Too Soon for a Mid-Life Crisis

After I posted my letter to myself yesterday, I had a “so where do I go from here?” sort of a feeling. Then Jill (and then Nicole) commented that they would love to see me write another letter to the future me. So I started thinking about it.

First, I had to figure out who I would be writing to—what stage of life I would be in. Let’s see…I was almost sixteen when I wrote that. Seventeen years have passed. Now, I’m rapidly approaching thirty-three. Add seventeen years to that and, HOLY CRAP, THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT!!! It would appear that, through some obvious flaw in the fabric of the space/time continuum, I am now just as close to being fifty as I am to being sixteen.

People, there is a phrase to describe the feeling that comes with a realization like that, but I’m too much of a lady to use it. Not too much of a lady, apparently, to admit knowledge of its existence, though. Hmmm…I should probably work on that.

I may still write that letter, but not tonight. I need to go find a dark corner to rock back and forth in.

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Arbonne. The night creme. The eye cream. The serum. And the amazing facelift in a bottle stuff. Because it JUST HASN’T BEEN THAT LONG since I was sixteen years old…and now I’m almost fifty.
  2. The opportunity to be a cub scout leader. Not that I ever thought, Hey, I want to leave my house full of hyper-active boys so that I can go spend my evening with OTHER PEOPLE’S hyper-active boys! but it really is a good learning experience. My kids are only a couple of years younger than the ones I’m working with. This is boot camp people—I might have a chance of surviving the war.
  3. The members of our armed forces. This month’s scout theme is based around heroes. Some of our boys have fathers who are currently deployed. And those men (and all the others like them)? SUPERHEROES. Thank you. And thank you to the wives (and husbands—women get deployed, too) who go through emotional hell and hold down the fort on their own. You’re superheroes, too.
  4. The fact that Violet is starting to be content to be down in the swing or on a playmat on the floor more. I’m starting to be able to accomplish things occasionally now.
  5. The internet. The knowledge that it puts at my fingertips. And the chance it gives me to “chat” with others that I just wouldn’t get as much without it.




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One response to “It’s Not Too Soon for a Mid-Life Crisis

  1. Christina

    Uh yeah, I’m SO not doing that math… because I’m even closer to 50 than you are. sigh.

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