Sometimes, I Lack the Ability to Be Profound

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. The Chinese buffet. Because my whole family enjoys it. And I’m lazy.
  2. An evening spent on the couch snuggling with a sleepy baby (and pushy cat) and watching Project Runway. I’ve been trying to spend my evenings cleaning and organizing lately, so it was great to just be lazy.
  3. The opportunity to teach my children from home. Even though we butt heads and sometimes, honestly, could use a break from each other, I get to watch the light bulbs go off. Heck, I get to flip the switches. Cool.
  4. The fact that all of my laundry was washed and folded today. Best five minutes of my week. 😉
  5. A 20-month-old who has started telling me every time he is stinky. That means he’ll potty train earlier than the others did, right? RIGHT???

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One response to “Sometimes, I Lack the Ability to Be Profound

  1. We love chinese buffets…in fact, we ordered (Tyler & I) chinese takeout wednesday night…yummy!

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