And His Imaginary Friend Complains that He Doesn’t Call Anymore

This weekend, Noah and Wyatt decided to write letters to Santa Claus. These were given to Sean with the instruction to mail them to the North Pole today (and then my instruction to save them since I could see him not necessarily thinking about the fact that THEY MADE LISTS since he isn’t the one who agonizes over the Christmas shopping).

Right before bedtime tonight, Wyatt came up the stairs.

“Dad, did you remember to send the letters to the North Pole?”

Sean stammered a bit.

“Um, uh, I forgot to today. I’ll mail them tomorrow.”

“OK,” Wyatt answered. “But don’t forget. The North Pole.” Then he headed down to bed.

I looked at my husband.

“You were too busy to remember to PRETEND to mail a letter?”

That, folks, takes talent.


Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Someone who wants to buy our old stove. That’s one less large thing taking up space in my house and a decent bit of cash to add to the Christmas budget. Double score.
  2. A hubby who sweetly cleaned up after dinner while I laid on the couch with a sleeping baby. And is now going to fold laundry while I’m writing.
  3. My mother doing math with Noah today. It is always so nice to have a day with a little less school work to do.
  4. One last beautiful day in the high sixties before the weather turns crummy again for the rest of the week.
  5. The ever-present laughter in our home. Sure, we’re usually laughing at the ridiculousness of one situation or another, but it’s still laughter. It is a good thing when you still possess the ability to laugh at yourself.


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2 responses to “And His Imaginary Friend Complains that He Doesn’t Call Anymore

  1. I love having Anna make a Christmas list – makes the job of guessing easier!

  2. Christina

    Oh that is too funny. You know it’s bad when you forget to pretend-do something. You know what else is bad? When you forget one of these imaginary friends is supposed to stop by – The tooth fairy has stood us up more times than I can count… even worse? When my daughter writes TF a letter. Because she actually expects a response. Maybe next time I’ll just tell her that daddy forgot to mail it. LOL.

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