Because I’m SO Good at Taking Care of Myself

So my mother decided awhile back that the cause of all that ails her is found in diet soda. Specifically, she has come to the conclusion that aspartame is the root of all evil.

I’m not going to mock her. I’m not even going to say that she is imagining the changes that she’s felt since she stopped drinking diet soda. Actually, I’m going to make a confession.

I decided to cut it out, too.

Well, actually, I decided after a suspiciously timed headache that it was time I abandon my one true love—Diet Mt. Dew. Yes, pathetic, I know. But I love how that stuff tastes. But when I thought that I might be becoming addicted to certain aspects of it, I decided it was time to knock it off. And while I was at it, what the heck, I may as well just cut out the aspartame as well.

That was maybe two weeks ago. Sunday, I realized that I was sick. And that I probably had been since shortly after cutting out the soda.

So much for all that ails ya’.

The really pathetic thing is that I had gone over a week without realizing that I was sick. That pain in my back? Probably just from carrying the baby. And the exhaustion (the reason I have missed the past couple of days of writing, since I just fell asleep when the kids did)? Well, that happens when you have five kids.

Then, other symptoms showed up on Sunday and I couldn’t deny that I was sick. So now I’m on antibiotics and hopefully on the road to recovery. But the fact that it took me over a week to even realize I was sick? Just plain sad.


Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Modern medicine. I’m still not fond of doctors, but I’m grateful that they are there when I truly need them.
  2. Kids who are old enough to play Twister together on their own and the humor involved when they do.
  3. Eli’s ever increasing vocabulary. I love being able to understand what has been going on in that mind of his. He’s just an awesome kid.
  4. On that note, Eli’s helpful spirit. He likes to fold laundry, loves to vacuum, and I’ve been told that he’s good about cleaning up in the nursery on Sunday when it’s time. Let’s hope that sticks with him as he grows.
  5. The questions game that the kids got at church Sunday. It was fun to sit together last night and ask each other questions. And it was awesome to hear the kids’ answers.
  6. The knowledge that my hair will grow back. After every pregnancy, I lose a lot of hair. A LOT OF HAIR. To the point where I get a receding hairline. Which is pretty creepy to experience. But I’ve been through it enough times to know that it will grow back. And I’m grateful for that.
  7. The smile on Caleb’s face when he put together a puzzle today. It is so fun to see that excitement.
  8. The fact that I am starting to feel better.
  9. The fact that Violet seems to be tolerating the fact that I’m on medicine right now. The doctor said that the antibiotics might upset her stomach. She’s maybe a bit grumpy, but overall she’s been ok.
  10. Sweet rolls. And the woman who willingly helped her great-grandsons to make them this morning. Then she gave them flashcards (for the older boys) and flashlights (for the younger boys) for doing chores. Lucky kids!

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