Random Gratitude

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. The fact that my cell phone (an Instinct—a phone that I have disliked the entire time I had it) waited until a few days AFTER the phone I have been looking at (the Palm Pixi) came out on the market to go completely toes up.
  2. The good buy back price I got on my dead phone to significantly reduce the amount I paid for my new phone.
  3. The fact that my new phone is so cool that I was in love with it before I even walked out of the store.
  4. Little boys who are not only WILLING to go help clean the church on a Saturday morning, but who come home and tell me how much FUN it was.
  5. Scouts who listened and were respectful for our field trip this morning.
  6. Fire fighters who were willing to take the time to show a bunch of scouts around the fire station and teach them about fire safety. Oh, and answer every single question. Every. Single. Question.
  7. An afternoon at Chuck E Cheese with my kids. Yes, that’s right. It may not be MY favorite place, but the joy it brought to them was enough to get me past my hesitancy to go there. And we all had fun together.
  8. Living close to family. We are fortunate to have siblings, parents, and grandparents from both of our families nearby. I love that my children are growing up with those relationships.
  9. An awesome sale on ground beef today. Hey, sometimes the little things count for a lot.
  10. Caleb’s joy for life. He makes me smile with his joy and humor.

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