National Family Week

Did you know that this week is National Family Week? My church encourages us to really observe this week and use it as an opportunity to devote the hours between 5pm and 9pm to one another. This week, we will be turning off the TV, stepping away from the computer, and trying to really focus on one another in the evenings. This evening, I started a novel with my  older two boys to fill the time they are used to unwinding while watching a show.

Honestly? This is kind of a hard idea for me. Usually, I am so grateful to have Sean come home and give me some relief from focusing on the kids. So the idea of staying focused on them until bedtime sounds a little, well, exhausting. But I believe that it is worth it. And I have faith that it will be a positive experience.

So, I challenge you all to join me. From dinner time to bedtime this week, turn off the TV, shut down the computer, and focus on your family. Then (hopefully) watch wonderful things happen in your relationships. Or, at least realize that you can tolerate each other. 😉


Today, I am thankful for:

  1. The timing of events that put everything in place for us to be Noah’s parents. I see the opportunity to be his mother as every bit as much of a miracle as the pregnancies that proceeded his adoption.
  2. Noah’s protectiveness of his siblings. I know that if I ask him to keep an eye on his brothers, he’ll take it seriously.
  3. Wyatt’s interest in and sweetness towards babies. Violet just loves him, and it is because he has worked on building a relationship with her.
  4. Caleb’s positive attitude. His older brothers call him weird, and I get angry with them when they do. Caleb is goofy. Caleb likes to make people smile. And it is a wonderful quality.
  5. Eli’s attention to detail and helpful spirit. I laugh at his “toddler OCD”. He is always bringing me my cell phone. He always takes the remote to Sean. And he will protest loudly if you don’t let him help you vacuum.
  6. Violet’s smiley, snuggly nature. She’s easy to fall in love with.
  7. Sean’s willingness to do what it takes to be a good husband and father. Those are the most important things to him, and it shows.
  8. Parents who raised me to believe that I can do and be anything. I wouldn’t be who I am if they hadn’t been there for me.

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