Because My Kids are Cool Enough to Get It

I WILL be showing this to my children in the morning:


Today, I am thankful for:

  1. The fact that my kids are totally cool enough to appreciate the video above. Honestly, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of their all-time favorite songs. And I love that.
  2. That Sean has had a good month at work. Traditionally, this time of year gets slow for us. It is nice to have a decent month heading into Christmas time.
  3. Going out to get ice cream with the kiddos. And having them all behave.
  4. Having no pressure in regards to school tomorrow. I still plan on doing lessons with them, but it is technically a vacation day tomorrow. So if I feel like stopping for the day? No problem.
  5. The chance to make my little brother’s several-year longing for a bearded dragon come true. Now, if I can just talk my hubby into letting me make a certain three-year-old little boy’s dream of a lizard also come true with the other bearded dragon that is available…

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One response to “Because My Kids are Cool Enough to Get It

  1. That was so cool, my kids loved it, tfs!
    I’ve really been enjoying your ‘thankful fors’, they’ve been really great!

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