‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Actually getting some school work done like I had planned to today.
  2. Being asked to bring something super simple (a veggie tray) for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. So I have already cut all of the veggies, made three dips, baked two pies (because I CAN, darn it), bought four cans of cranberry sauce (after Sean’s grandma told me she had it covered since she bought TWO cans—we are expecting about FORTY people for dinner), and have stuff for cream peas tomorrow (I’ll be the only one to eat them, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving for me without them). See? Easy.
  3. The fact that I’m not the one expecting about forty people to descend on my home tomorrow. I get to descend on someone else’s. So, no obsessive cleaning for me.
  4. $2.99 sweet potato pie at the grocery store for dessert tonight. Warm up for tomorrow.
  5. The fact that things went well for my husband in court today. We have been battling a lawsuit for about two years now. Basically, the original landlord of his old office space decided to sell the building to another guy on land contract. When the new landlord let the place fall to pieces and disappeared, the old landlord foreclosed on him. He has since been trying to get money out of us to cover his butt for his poor decisions. It would be like if you were renting a house and the mortgage company came after you when the owner didn’t pay his bills. So, yeah…two years of paying a lawyer $200 an hour makes me grumpy. But things went so well in court today that our lawyer said he would do our appeal for free if things don’t go our way because he feels that confident that this should finally be over. So, yes, VERY grateful.


I’m off to spend the rest of the evening with my husband…something to be truly grateful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. And don’t forget how blessed you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a goodnight.


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