Dear Santa

Tonight before bed, Noah sat down and wrote a letter to Santa:

i wunt to get you a tom tom for my Dad

the tom tom is a gps

OK, so he got a couple of words out of order and it is missing punctuation. Only one word was misspelled, though.

The important part, of course, is the incredible thoughtfulness. If you remember, almost five months ago, Sean’s car was broken into and his GPS was stolen. We still haven’t replaced it. We haven’t even been discussing replacing it that I can remember any time recently. So for Noah to sit down on his own tonight and write Santa a letter asking him to bring Daddy a new TomTom? What can I say? I have an awesome kid.


Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Noah’s incredible thoughtfulness and his desire to do for others. He really does have a good heart.
  2. A day off. You would think that the weekends would provide that. Not so. Saturdays are usually a manic effort to accomplish all the things that would be too difficult to do during the week with five children. And Sundays? Wrestling five kids through three hours of church doesn’t exactly feel like a day of rest. So to have a day where Sean was home, I didn’t need to do school, and I wasn’t even half tempted to go grocery  shopping? Lovely.
  3. My steam mop. Just because it is cool.
  4. The fact that Eli is suddenly speaking in complete sentences (and counting to eleven!). It is just so much fun to hear what is going on in his mind. Turns out, he’s rather hilarious.
  5. The fact that I don’t confuse the need for human contact with being a vampire. Sorry, I was just watching 20/20. And you know what? There are some really crazy people out there. So I’m thankful I’m not one of them.

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One response to “Dear Santa

  1. How thoughtful of Noah. 🙂

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