Happiness is a Fabric Sale

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. AWESOME deal on fleece at the fabric store. Only $2.99 per yard instead of $9.99! My kids have wanted Snuggies for quite awhile now. I am going to make them their own for Christmas. And since the fleece was so cheap, I got some to make them for Sean and I, too. I bought sixteen yards of fleece, which should have been $160. By the time all of the discounts were done, I was out the door for $45. Woo Hoo!
  2. Finally finding a suitable fabric to make the overcoat for Violet’s blessing dress. Yes, my daughter is almost four months old and we haven’t blessed her yet. And, yes, it is because I haven’t made her dress yet. Bad Mommy!
  3. I know that I’ve said I’m thankful for my internet friends recently, but today I’m specifically thankful for Tami. Our little kitty is quite sick and we’re really worried about her. Tami facilitated a quick text message consultation with her veterinarian husband this evening when we were trying to decide whether or not to take the kitty to the emergency vet. Thank you so much, Tami and Shad!
  4. Seeing the kitty perk up, eat, and get on Sean’s shoulder this evening. She’s still definitely acting really sick, but that was an improvement over how she had been acting. I really hope that she is doing better tomorrow.
  5. Having the perfect weather to go out and find the perfect Christmas tree today. And finally finding one that Noah and I could agree on since he was so dead set against the one that I initially picked out. Funny kid.




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