Life as the Canvas for Snot Art

You know how you can usually tell how a person’s day is going just by looking at their face? Forget my face…you can read my week by looking at my shirt.

People, black cotton is an amazing canvas for six-month-old snot. (That would be snot FROM a six-month-old, as opposed to snot that has lived on my shirt for six months. I’m behind in my housecleaning, but not THAT behind.)

My children are sick. All five of them.


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One response to “Life as the Canvas for Snot Art

  1. M.

    your new site HATES me! won’t accept any of the automated password thingies that I KNOW I’m typing in right. Anyhoo…this is what I WOULD have posted there, if it woudl have let me:

    “ugh, I am SO sorry. Sending you anti-germ hugs from VERY far away (so I don’t catch it or get snot on my shirt, too!)”

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