Lessons From Haiti: Corruption in International Adoption Isn’t About Adoption

I am a mother through domestic adoption. I am also an aunt through international adoption. When I first became a blogger, I was surprised at the negative attitudes I frequently encountered about adoption. And I was completely shocked by the vocal advocacy of some bloggers against adoption altogether. The case against adoption was usually summed up in one word: CORRUPTION. And while there were certainly plenty of people with things to say against domestic adoption, the most heinous accusations of corruption were leveled at international adoptions. Accusations of kidnapping and baby buying. Falsification of records. Children being adopted who were only supposed to be in orphanages for a period of respite care.

When I first heard these accusations, I was highly skeptical of their validity. Sure, bad things happen. Corruption always exists. But, certainly, these examples were few and far between and not an accurate reflection of reality.

I don’t really believe that anymore. I think it happens way too frequently.

But I still don’t condemn international adoption.

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