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The Cutest Present I Never Wanted

Last week was my birthday. I am now thirty-three years old.

Let’s start with my feelings on that.

First, I have given it much thought, and I have come to the conclusion that I still qualify as being in my EARLY thirties. This is because when you first turn 30, you are THIRTY. Just thirty. No early, mid, or late thing going on. From there, the rest of the decade is separated into groups of three: 31-33 are EARLY thirties, 34-36 are MID-thirties, and 37-39 are LATE thirties. So, this year, I am still in my early thirties.

I don’t have to feel older until next year.

On the other hand, I have spent the week pondering the fact that Christ’s ministry lasted from the time he was thirty until he was crucified at age 33. And then I think of my past three years. And I feel WAY behind. Except for that part where I made two people. That definitely counts for something.

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