My Homeschooling Dream

As I slog on towards the end of the school year, I am once again faced with the dilemma of whether or not to stick with the (free) online school that we have used for the last two years. I went through this debate last year and truly struggled with the decision…Stick with what I know, or go for what I would love to accomplish?

Honestly, the curriculum through K12 is impressive. My kindergartner knows his continents. My first grader is studying Greek gods. Last week, we learned about Monet. They know the word "solfege."  They are learning a lot.

But I hate dealing with the school. I hate being told I’m not my sons’ "teacher," but their "learning coach." I hate feeling like I can never deviate from the plan because I might get a "truancy" letter. I hate feeling like we’re missing a lot of the joy of learning because I’m so hung up on getting through the curriculum.

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