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Excuse Me?

Next week, my little brother is going to a wedding where the groom is Hungarian. As we sat in my car on the way home from a long trip, I tried teaching him a couple of Hungarian exclamations that I know from my dear, Hungarian-speaking husband.

Today, I told Sean that it occurred to me that maybe I should have taught him the equivalent of “bless you” (more like “on to your health”) so he could impress them if someone sneezed.

“It’s probably good that you didn’t,” Sean told me. “You can get yourself into a lot of trouble with that one.”

“Oh, really?” This was news to me.

“Yeah,” he said, “if you put the wrong emphasis on one “E,” you basically end up telling them to shove it up their rear.”


I have spent the rest of the evening randomly busting up in laughter (I was in tears while we were READING SCRIPTURES because I thought of it again) every time I think of it. Maybe it’s juvenile, but the thought of saying THAT to someone right after they sneeze…

I’m entirely to easily amused.


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The Lighter Side of Life

Yesterday morning, Sean and the boys decided to play Lego Star Wars while I headed in to take my shower. As I was working on rinsing soap from my hair, the bathroom door opened and Caleb stuck his head in.

“Mommy, can you cut up an apple for me?”

“I’m in the shower,” I pointed out, “go ask Daddy to cut one up for you.” Unless you were hoping to have it exfoliated first.

He left. A few minutes later, he was back.

“Mommy, he won’t do it.”

OK, so I know darn well why he isn’t cutting up that apple. And it has to do with the Wii controller occupying his hands.

“Tell Daddy to be a parent,” I sighed.

His delivery must have been pretty darn good. I was still in the shower when Sean came back.

“You know that urge to flip me off you’re always talking about? Trust me, I get it right now.”


After Sean left for work, Wyatt beat the level of Star Wars that they had been working on. When Sean got home , he excitedly started telling his dad all about it.

“We didn’t need more buttons, that was a trick…blah, blah, blah…a bunch of things that made sense to Sean…excitement from both of them…but we still have to beat another level. And it’s hard! You have to fly around and shoot all of the bad guys! I think that to beat it, you have to shoot the moon!”

Oh. My. Gosh.

Sure, that might distract the bad guys, but would it really be enough to finish them off?


The past couple of days, it has been gloriously warm in my area. Today, it got into the mid-70’s and was sunny all day.

Late this morning, when it was merely in the high 60’s, I got a phone call from my mother.

“Did you know that you have a child running around barefoot outside?”

“Yeah,” I told her, “I noticed that.”

“But, he needs shoes on! Your dad has already told him to put them on twice, and he hasn’t yet.”

“Mom, do you know how warm it is outside?” I asked.

“Well, yes, it is warm now, but it hasn’t been for very long. The ground is still frozen in some places.”


“Well, Mom,” I answered, “I guess I figure that he’ll put shoes on if his feet get cold.”

She decided to go for a different argument.

“But there is a lot of dog poop on the ground this time of the year! He could step in it!”

OK, I’ll give her the fact that there is more since it stays, um, preserved in the cold weather.

“It is easier to clean poop off of skin than out of the treads of shoes,” I pointed out.

It was at that point, I’m certain, that she decided that I’m an unfit parent.

But I’m ok with that.

I still remember her mother forcing us to wear socks in the dead of summer.

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Warning: You May Want to Pee First

I’m not really the kind of gal that laughs at things that I read or see on the internet. Sure, I will smile and do the little internal chuckle thing. But laugh out loud? Not so much.

This one had me laughing so hard that I was actually tearing up.

I know. I know. I have a weird sense of humor.


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You’re Welcome

Every once in awhile, I run across something that just cracks me up and I have to share.  A comment on my post yesterday did just that. I introduce you to:

Really Bad Parenting Advice

It is a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the weird things parents do. Totally up my alley, and my sense of humor. It is not always my language, though (you are forwarned if you don’t want to read occassional swearing).

I’ve only read a few parenting tips so far, so I’ll probably be checking back throughout the day. It will definitely go on my google reader account (although probably not my blogroll, only because I haven’t updated that in soooo long–I read way more blogs than what I have listed).

So, there you go. Read. Laugh. Enjoy. You’ll thank me.


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